Do you have any shocking experiences of JW prejudice against non-JWs? I have one report to share.

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  • rebelfighter


    Nevuela4 hours ago

    rebelfighter You ought to have said "What? When did you stop worshipping Jehovah

    I knew no better and wanted to argue/discuss his beliefs. He never told me that was a no no. I argue everything in my field of finance. My kids education I argued everything and got them the best education. And he knew this from the many discussion we had over 5 years. I win a lot of battles. See someone told me there is no such word as can't and I believed them. So I find away around the system and I get what I want.

    Chook15 hours ago

    "The most common action of humans is to eat. I've heard at convention not to eat with WORLDLY people . Pius bastards"

    I love this comment the "Elder" seemed to forget this one completely for 5 years. Until the day I made the mistake and questioned his beliefs. LOL.

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