If you think child abuse and scandal is only for JWs...

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  • HuskerMike

    think again. For those not aware of this story, it is one with intrigue, scandal and much more. Not for the faint of heart.....it centers in the midwest around the time I was a teen in Omaha. Wierd, but like a train wreck hard not to look at. http://www.johnnygosch.com/gunderson_report.html

  • Latin assassin from Manhattan
    Latin assassin from Manhattan

    These claims have been around for decades, but no one has ever been convicted of kidnapping for a Satanic or a pedophile cult.

  • HuskerMike

    are you familiar with this case??? Much has been "unearthed" and many have "died" surrounding this. Satanic or not, the kids were taken and forced into sex, this is court documented. Another link, this one is very compelling, pay particular attention to the claims of the Monsignor from Boys Town... http://www.davidicke.net/tellthetruth/coverups/decamp interesting that what he says about the Catholic Church was yet to become common knowledge.

  • yucca

    People know all about catholics and abuse. When you bring up abuse with a JW they right away start talking about the catholics. They take no responsibility for their org. but make excuses. I told some JWS since they believe that God only works thru their org. then they should have zero tolerance for child abuse. They dont want to accept that and make amends to the ones they have hurt. They will fight and make excuses to the end.

  • Nordic

    Ther is also a coverup, in Belgium, and the victims says ther was Satanic rituals involed.

    And the involed was politicans and people in high position.

    To this day about 20 witness to the crimes, have being killed.

    Tolled in a BBC1 program, last year

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