What is your IQ? Does it Matter?

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  • LongHairGal

    I don’t think it matters. I was told when I was small that I had a high IQ. Never got a number though. I also believe it might change (maybe for the worse) over time. 🤣

    It is interesting about all the infamous people with high IQs who did very bad things. In the long run, I don’t think it means anything in a person’s life.

  • fulltimestudent

    I have (supposedly) a high IQ, but was still dumb enough to fall for theJW/christian shit,

    Actually, I became an athiest at 14 (mainly because the son (a hulking brute) of the local Methodist minister used to bash me up.

  • vienne

    I'm a Mensa member and have an IQ past 150. I also struggle with higher math. I can balance my checkbook. Which is good, I suppose. I hated Trig and Chemistry. Being intelligent as measured by an IQ does not prevent you from saying or doing or believing stupid things. Best I can tell, being a Mensa member means you probably understand 'insider' jokes faster than someone else.

    One of my mom's 'educational psychology' texts defines intelligence as the ability to make closer and closer connections; to associate ideas in more complex ways faster than others. I accept that. But if your best friend takes a week to grasp what you understood instantly, the difference between you is minimal, isn't it?


  • Smiles

    I wish we knew the IQ of individual member of the governing body and their henchmen helpers. Lol

  • fulltimestudent

    Vienne- I smiled at your comments. I worked for a great guy once who was also a member of Mensa, it's interesting that in a discussion once he commented that the guy who had the highest IQ in the Aussie branch of the group, lived in a shack, on the edge of the desert in Western Aust, and in my friend's words, "was so intelligent, that he couldn't hold a job.'

  • Biahi

    Smiles, the governing body has an IQ of about 200. Divided by 8. 😁

  • Smiles

    LOL Biahi 24.999999999 🤣

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    IQ is an important measure to see how well people solve logical and mathematical puzzles. But it doesn’t mean you are learned. And the opposite is true as well, just because you are learned, doesn’t mean you have high IQ or are smart (look at all the PhDs that tell you how to live your life these days).

    I work with very smart people and people that pretend they are smart. Almost everyone in my friend and colleague circles has a doctorate, some even more than one but I would not rate their IQ equally high across the board, there are truly some “dumb” professors, that don’t get the logic regardless of how you explain it.

    The EQ rate is complete horsemanure, it is a made up measure for HR folks. Did you know the Myers-Briggs score was completely made up by a mother and daughter, no training whatsoever they just made it up one afternoon as a joke based on their friends; every personality on those measures is interchangeable.

  • Mum

    Elvis Presley allegedly had an IQ of 70, but I don't think he exhibited characteristics of being "slow." He certainly earned a lot of money.

    I always got high scores on standardized tests, but have always earned a low income. As others have said, IQ is only a "good start" at best. I am thankful that, in middle age, I got a job with a good retirement plan. Otherwise, I'd be in subsidized housing or on the street.

  • Jofi_Wofo

    When I was 16, I tested at 160+. I've taken several other unofficial tests since then and I always max out whatever score it goes up to (140+, 130+, etc).

    I can confirm that it doesn't bring you wealth or friends or, quite frankly, it doesn't automatically give you good grades nor does it make you the most talented student. There are people with solidly average IQs who are light-years better at my job than I am.

    PRO - I'm a nerd who likes to learn a lot of stuff very quickly, and it's usually very easy for me to do so. So, I get more fulfillment out of my life because of it.

    CON - Nobody on the internet ever believes me, and I'd sound like a narcissistic douchebag if I ever told anyone in real life.

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