Why Do JWs Only Preach In Poor/Middle Class Neighborhoods?

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  • Latin assassin from Manhattan
    Latin assassin from Manhattan

    As my name suggests, I'm from NYC. I've lived in every borough of New York and spent time at most of the local congregations until I finally decided that it was all for nothing (my recent posts on this forum explain why). During this time, I noticed an interesting pattern - the JWs only preach in poor to middle class neighborhoods. Even then, not every middle class neighborhood is contacted by them.

    Consider the following research:

    After noticing this pattern, I compiled a list of all the neighborhoods in NYC where the JWs are very active, and I realized that most of these neighborhoods are populated by a high percentage of minorities (mainly Hispanic, Black, Asian, West Indian etc.), representative of low to middle income households. On any given day, you can expect to see squads of JWs on every other street corner and door bells being rung on the weekends. However, if you drive through the main streets in upper-middle to high income neighborhoods (Garden City and Oyster Bay in Long Island, Park Slope and Dyker Heights in Brooklyn), you will NEVER find street witnessing or preaching of any kind.

    Even in Manhattan, where you would expect to find more JW activity (after all, Manhattan is the 'capital' of Satan's world right?), street witnessing and preaching are not evident. The underground mall of the World Trade Center was a hub for JW activity, but that was as far as it got in Manhattan. As a matter of fact, the few Kingdom Halls in Manhattan preach in public by doing the following: a J-Dub will set up a table in front of the Kingdom Hall, lay out some literature and will sit quietly behind the table. Though pedestrians will walk by, the J-Dub will say and do absolutely nothing to bring attention to his reason for sitting there. I can easily name the congregations where this is taken place, and quite frankly it's insulting to J-Dubs around the world who risk life and limb to preach to people in dangerous conditions.

    The Country Club area of the North Bronx is untouched by JWs, which is strange because the South Bronx is full of Kingdom Halls. As a matter of fact, for several decades, the regional district assemblies were held in Yankee Stadium; also in the South Bronx. Regardless, areas such as Riverdale and White Plains a few miles away will never hear the 'good news'.

    Finally and more notably, in the Brooklyn Heights area of Brooklyn, home of the WTS headquarters you will never and I mean never find street witnessing or preaching. This is a huge contradiction on part of the WTS, because it encourages everyone to witness to their neighbors, yet Brooklyn Heights will never see a J-Dub walking up the steps of a multi million dollar brownstone to knock on a door.

    This clearly shows that the WTS is not interested in 'gathering sheep' for Jesus. If anything, it's using demographics to exploit poorly educated and poorly employed neighborhoods where their 'good news' will be better appreciated. Perhaps the Society has already decided to write-off the educated and wealthy, and let God deal with them directly?

  • stillajwexelder

    There ar etwo ways of looking at this -- I can tell you that JWs do not target low / middle income -poor -- they do try and reach all -- but their best success comes from lower income where promises of paradise in a new earth have greater appeal -- high income -- well hell the yalraedy have their paradise. Number 2 it goes without question that high income/well educated have access to the internet and we all know how the WTBTS fears that. So the higher income/better educated know the truth about the witnesses -- also look where all JW growth is coming from Latin America/Mexico/Albania/Africa -- little or no internet -- so JWs have more success but I can truthfully say - I do not beleive they target lower income/poor people

  • Elsewhere

    I noticed the same thing growing up in the bOrg. We spent most of our time in poor neighborhoods. Bottom line, they were easy targets. They were poor and struggling through life and we were offering them paradise. Rich people, as my dad repeatedly told me, already had their own little paradise and that was the reason they did not respond to our message.

    Every now and then we would go to a nice neighborhood, but the entire time my dad and everyone else would rail on the people about how they are in debit up to their eyeballs. My dad would remind me again and again that the rich people's paradise was only temporary and soon enough Armageddon would come and they would be banging on the Kingdom Hall doors like the people did the ark during the flood.

    Most JWs are not college educated and have menial jobs. It looks to me like simple class envy.

    Oh, and they also very much enjoyed pointing out which houses they planned on commandeering after Armageddon killed all of the owners of the houses.

  • minimus

    That's where all of those "sighing and groaning over all the detestable things" are.

  • freedom96

    The witnesses who put a table out and sit behind it piss me off too. I have seen this at malls, and mostly at the airport. They put in hours doing that???

    I walked door to door for 20 years, regardless of weather. I put hard time in.

    Lazy ass witnesses, probably claiming pioneer hours too.

  • Hamas

    They don't

    Where I am from, they Witness everywhere, even in the high class areas.

    ( Hamas, don't be silly ! Where you live there ARE no high class areas ! )

    ..... Do'h !!!!

  • RunningMan

    I can't say that they specifically target poor areas, but the fishing is better there, so that is where they gravitate.

    According to sociologists, sects thrive in areas with either economic deprivation or rapid social mobility. Therefore, rich neighborhoods will not produce a lot of converts

  • Latin assassin from Manhattan
    Latin assassin from Manhattan


    The J-Dubs specifically targent less afluent neighborhoods. That's why you don't see them street witnessing along Park Avenue or even Broadway. Broadway is the most populated avenue in all NYC, doesn't it make sense to place magazines there? Give me one logical reason for them not being there, even though they have a kingdom hall exactly 1 mile away?

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    I agree w/everyone here....rich ones are "not-at-homes" working to make more money....middle/lower income fams are more vulnerable to WT-BATS insidious doctrines...

    Frannie B

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    well the jw's have a big news stand at boro hall #4 train station bklyn and they allways call the cops on me when i witness to then, they are also in the subways stations like 42nd st and many major tranfer points and you are right as a rule they are in the poorer parts. and i have seen them in country club i live close by. but not often. and they do work throgs neck a bit mostly walking up tremont ave. keep in mind in the better arears they can't get into a lot of the buildings. lol i find a lot of jw's sitting in a park for hours on end were no one seems to walk to put in time...and they have been chased out of bay plaza mall. but in co-op city they are all over the place....john

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