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  • poopie
    There is a brother that was read off in three cong because he is well known in area he was announced as df now when he is reinstated so he can talk to his family will they announce in all 3 cong so all 3 can clap for him including the pharisees?
  • nicolaou
    I believe so but my knowledge is increasingly dated, hopefully you'll get a response from someone more current.
  • jonahstourguide

    It will be read out in the cong that he was originally booted from

    and the one he currently attends. The rumour mill will take care of the rest

    but only crapping in those two congs


  • elderINewton
    Rare to announce the df in more than one congregation, but the one he gets reinstatement from will be only one than announces the welcome back.
  • sandy
    Do they clap for reinstatement now? I thought that was a big no no.
  • awake!watcher
    No, Sandy. New light.
  • jonahstourguide

    Just to confirm, my reinstatement was read out in the cong i was booted from and the new one i attended 4 years ago. Perhaps elderlnewton has new light. has the process changed in the last 4 years? Oh and they clapped,,,, very embarassing.

    j t g

  • ttdtt
    Usually its the Congregation where he was DFed and the one he is currently attending if its not the same one.
  • TipsyMangoTea

    A sister who was DF'd from our congregation for at least a decade was recently reinstated last month, and it was announced both at our hall and the one she and her parents currently attend.

    Everyone clapped of course (pretty enthusiastically, too), but I don't think it was a coincidence that the following week, the sister had a big baby shower and all were invited...

  • DesirousOfChange

    Reading a DF announcement in multiple Congs is specifically prohibited. It breaks their "rules" and opens them up to a lawsuit. That was done without approval of the Service Dept.

    Reinstatement is typically done at the Cong where the DF took place, and at the Cong where the person presently associates (if they have relocated).


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