A Short Life Story - Part 4 (Finale)

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  • stuckinarut2

    Brilliant mate!

    Loved reading all your story, and indeed all of your posts here on this forum! Keep up the great work. Your comments inspire and help so many!

    The way you described being "sprung" by a nosey person prying through your computer was just like my account! The call from the elder - just the same! "Does "stuckinarut2 mean anything to you?"

    Seriously messed up stuff! So illegal and inappropriate! (BUT the proof of this being a cult!)

    Have you considered submitting your 4 chapters to jw.facts website? He has a brilliant section of people's stories.

  • 3rdgen

    PE, I love how you told your story. You have survived more than some people twice your age! Speaking of age, you were born the same year as my daughter. If she weren't already spoken for I might want to set you up with her. LOL (she left Jw's too)

    I also love how completely devoted you are to your precious little girl. I remember some years ago when my daughter was just starting to fade, I was pomi (still mentally in). I remember begging her not to do anything that might get her Dfed because I KNEW I wouldn't be able to shun her. I believed not to shun could cost me my everlasting life and yet I told her I could NEVER shun my child. I know you feel the same way too.

    Keep living your authentic life. Your best years are still ahead of you!

  • All or nothing
    All or nothing

    Your story originally about the laptop made me realize how important it is to hide my tablet when our families are around- I still can't believe your sister in law went all Scotland Yard on you- who does that- wow

  • zeb

    I could make many comments but others will and do it better. I often read postings more than once and the item that jumped out at me was you sister photographing your computer screen and then running to the elders with the 'evidence'. I have a gut feeling she was hoping to see rude stuff but whatever. What a narrow despicable invasive bloody minded thing to do but oh so typical (!) of the witnesses who are of the fanatic class.

    You have certainly run a rutted road. I cant agree with all your side roads but some exploring needs be done in life when we have been so mega restricted and then betrayed into the bargain. But as Churchill once said, and this is not word perfect but, "I may not agree with things that you say but I will defend to the limit your right to say them".

    I wish you peace ,love and good health; 'live long and prosper'.(which Leonard Nemoy being Jewish took from Deuteronomy)

  • suavojr

    Life is good. It's not perfect but all things must pass. One day i will die, that's a certain. But when i do, i'll have fucking lived.

    Great line 👍

  • millie210

    What a good man you are!

    Thank you for sharing your story PE.

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