I begged xelder to talk to shunned daughter

by Chook 5 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Chook

    I was at shopping centre , Jw family say I haven't see you at meetings, I said I don't go and can't support a group that divides families. I gave example of his daughter who he doesn't talk to. I said to him our old awake says DFing is pagan practice 1947.I said I hope Brooklyn doesn't change its mind again because what you are sacrificing is beyond value.

  • joe134cd

    They are gunna haul your rear end before a JC now.

  • Chook

    I don't give a fuc.., I between two states ,which I tell JWs I live where my publisher card is not 800 miles apart. My ass will never be hauled before them. If they want my blood they can hang me in my absence . There is no scriptural basis for these secret tribunals. I let them know they can pray for me.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I had success in encouraging a family member to soften their stance on shunning their DFd daughter. We both can recall when WT's policy did not require total shunning for a DF person who was not an "opposer". If that was OK (scriptural) then, why has it changed? I really think they were happy to find a way to justify speaking with her and their grandkids again. I believe there is a lot of quiet dissent among the R&F on this and many issues, thus the need for WTS to keep hammering on Loyalty to the Borg......DOC

  • Dunedain

    I know of this uber, piece of crap, hard assed, elder, who "prides" himself that he doesn't talk to his , now, adult daughter. He, also, by proxy, has never met or spoken to, his beautiful granddaughter, either.

    This person cares more about the ,superficial, accolades from other men, than speaking to his own daughter. He gets to stay an elder, because he NEVER spoke to his DF'd daughter once, after she was DF'd. He walks around like a pompous ass, and that he is just SOOO gODLY, because of it.

    Well the joke is on HIM. He is missing out on TRUE love, from a granddaughter, and his own daughter, and all for a phoney love from other MEN. Why, so you could retain your "status" as an elder. What a fool! What a brainwashed, idiot he is!

    His name is Bill Skrod, an elder in a congregation in a borough of NYC. If you want to see a pompous assed buffoon, in all his "glory", just ask for him.

  • Chook

    There's not much at the end of life that we can have or do. But the one thing I would like to think is that someone missed me from their life and are sad of my demise. These proud men don't realise that it's only family and special friends, that speak of our legacy with emotion.

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