Amway founder dead at 92

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  • TheWonderofYou

    Certainly this scheme will survive. I had two encounters. In both cases I was suddenly invited in private homes, where I got a lot of upbuilding information about successful and happy life.

    One person had a good job and a beautiful loft. The other lived in a little one and told me of his big house at a lake he has built in Hungary where it was cheaper. They wanted to appear sucessful.

    Both guys were rhetoric genius . It was an experience like, if you not begin to work for a Amway you are completely ignoring reality of life. It was really hard to say okay, I got it, thanks. Can we talk about something else? It was really hard to say goodby, eithout looking stupid, if I not joined or wanted further contact. He gave me his card. I was jobless and looked for a job.

    This happened after JW and gladly I read about Amway in an info at the commercial chamber,.that it was a certain business scheme.

  • out4good4

    The culty get rich quick scheme I almost got hooked into was Primerica.

    I remember getting dressed down pretty good by an elder when I refused to be on his downline sales team.

  • Giordano

    Ok this is going to be a bit of tongue in cheek.,,,,but true.

    I always thought those of us doing field service should have hooked up with Avon or Tuber Ware or Amway. Call it multi tasking.

    You made the effort to get to their front doors and instead of a rejection of JW beliefs you save the visit by offering a Paradise ... live forever scent.....coupled with ......... Live forever deodorant......Paradise condoms guaranteed to keep you protected from persecution and dead bodies. Become the perfect man or women with ............Paradise Earth vitamins, teeth whitener etc. Let's throw in A heavenly high colonic probe as a free-be. pioneers could have made a small fortune.

  • tiki

    Wasn't Amway a pyramid scheme? Back in the day I knew some dubs who were into the scheme....easy $$$

  • Giordano

    Pyramid scam? I'll see you one Amway and raise you 8 million JW door to door salespersons. But alas those good old days are fading........ now it's zombies sitting by a magazine stand.

  • blondie

    Cabinet head of the US Education Department Betsy is his daughter in law.

  • sir82

    I always thought those of us doing field service should have hooked up with Avon or Tuber Ware or Amway.

    Call it multi tasking.

    I like it!

    "OK, so you don't want a about a multivitamin? No? Laundry soap? Lipstick? Pinstripe your car?"

    I heard many moons ago, not sure if it was just an urban legend, but anyways, there was supposedly this pioneer who made his living as a doorbell repairman. He'd do his JW house to house schtick in the morning, and then he'd return to the not-at-homes whose doorbells didn't work in the afternoon, offering repairs.

  • karter

    J.W's make good Amway salespeople....They are used to rejection.


  • dropoffyourkeylee

    Amway founder dead? Good! Let’s hope his organization follows.

  • 2+2=5

    If the JW comparison is accurate I’d imagine the eulogy and entire funeral would be one giant Amway sales pitch.... talk about Richard for 2mins, take an hour to talk on the Amway vision, his favourite Amway products, and the best way to get involved with Amway today.

    Mmmm sounds squeaky clean.

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