JW`s Lie about Christendom hiding the Name Jehovah.or its equivalent Yahweh

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  • Earnest

    jhine : “Trinity” is the modern English translation of the Greek τριας (trias), of which trinitas was the usual Latin translation. It might also be translated into English as “triad.”

    The Greek word trias has the meaning of three, or a group of three, as shown in an online dictionary here. When the doctrine of the trinity was formulated trias was also used to refer to the trinity although that was not its original meaning.

    jhine : in the late 2nd century, Theophilus of Antioch mentioned a trias of θεος (theos, “God”), λογος (logos, “Word”), and σοφια (sofia, “Wisdom”).

    Yes, he does. Is he talking about a group of three or is he formulating the doctrine of the trinity? The context is that he is writing about the fourth day of creation, and he says that the first three days are types for God, and his Word, and his Wisdom. The fourth day is a type for man, so by the fourth day you have God, Word, Wisdom, Man.

    That is not the theology of the trinity.

  • jhine

    Hi Earnest , so can l ask what are your views on the Trinity .


  • Ruby456

    Phizzy, Leolaia was obviously expressing her opinion (and possibly her preferences ?) as how can she possibly be so certain about how YHWH was vocalised. I think it is a mistake to infer such unity upon what would have been very diverse practices regarding speaking the divine name as evidence shows that it was vocalised in magical practices where there would have been a need to say the name out aloud (such terms as IAW or Iahu JAH etc). It may have been vocalised in hymns in greetings and such like. I'd love to talk to her now about this and ask her if she has changed her mind.

    edit: remember that according to rabbinic tradition the high priest vacalised the name on the day of atonement and this would have continued while the temple was in existence. This practice would have maintained the correct pronunciation of the name for the Jews up until 70 CE.

  • waton
    The Catholic Douay Bible ,Exodus Ch.6:3 In a footnote acknowledges Jehovah as Gods name.

    smiddy, The French Catholic Lienard bible uses " Yahweh" throughout the OT.

  • smiddy3

    Pope Paul V1 sent a Goodwill message from the Vatican along with leaders of many nations on the Apollo 11 moon landing contained on a disc that was left on the moon.

    Pope paul the V1 quotes from Psalm 8 in his goodwill message where he uses the name Jahweh for the name of God

    Jehovahs Witnesses falsely claim to have covered the earth with their witnessing and making the name of God known throughout the earth .

    They have never been able to witness or operate openly in strict Muslim countries { would that be close to a third of the worlds population ?}

    Not only have the Catholics covered the earth before them they have even put the name of God on the moon thanks to pope Paul V1 for any future visitors/aliens to be witnessed to.

  • Ruby456

    the thing is that the catholic church have come late to the party. But I don't think they are that bothered by the divine name as they emphasize other things - rituals and sacraments, the trinity and the transubstantiation of Christ.

    bottom line though is that Jehovah's witnesses are not lying but they are focusing on something that is important to them and that is not important to Christianity so christianity can brush this off as a nothing and JWS can criticise them for it.

  • Phizzy

    I agree Ruby, it has been made important to the JW's because ever since Rutherford's time they have made themselves different to Christendom, deliberately, to prove to themselves that they must have the true religion.

    But what factual evidence do they have that the Divine name in any form was actually used by 1st Century Christians ?

    The Jewish High Priest knew the correct pronunciation, and passed it on only to the next High Priest, the Jews who were not High Priests did not know it. Are we to believe that early Christians guessed at the correct pronunciation and started vocalizing this guessed at name ?

    Why would they do so, and why no furore from the Jewish Christians about it happening ?

    The JW Org may not be lying about the "hiding" of the Divine Name, depending upon how you define a lie, but their claim that it is right to vocalize the Name is based upon what ? ( I am aware of their argument, but it is specious).

  • Ruby456

    phizzy my sources suggest that the high priest said the name out aloud to the people so Jesus when he visited the temple at that day of atonement would have heart it uttered as would Jews who attended the temple ceremony.

  • jhine

    Phizzy there is no evidence that the Divine name was used in any form by 1st century Christians . l think that there are two reasons that the WT makes a big deal about " Christendom " removing the name from the NT ( for which there is no evidence ) . The first is to purely slag " Christendom " off and show the r&f how awful other denominations are and how wonderful and right the WT is .

    The other reason , l am convinced , is so that they can put the Divine name ( and we have already established that Jehovah is not actually the Divine name anyway ) back into the NT where it suits them to change the meaning , and muddy the waters about Christ's Divinity .

    The adding of the word " other " into Colossians 1: 13-20 , without any justification whatsoever but simply to totally change the meaning shows that they are prepared to do anything , even change scripture to , " prove " that they are The Truth !


  • Phizzy

    I agree jhine.

    Dear Ruby456, what are your sources for the idea that the High P. spoke the name aloud to the people please ?

    Everything I have ever read says the opposite. Thanks.

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