Awake 2016.2 experience

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  • coalize
    And I remember my mother to have been interviewed on the scene at a convention one time. She said totally the truth. But she decline several time interviews becaise she was asked to change some details... "for the sake of the audience"
  • Magwitch

    The majority of people walk away if some unknown ass**** publicly hurls insults at them. Most of us learn at an early age to stay clear of the crazy people and ignore them. It sounds appropriate that this nut then became a JW.

  • StarTrekAngel

    The experience may well be truth. I don't believe that is relevant because it is true no matter what in the eyes or ears of the attendees.

    Also, what you all are saying, I agree with. It may not have anything to do with religious belief, but keep attacking a person on his/her religious grounds an as long as such person does not retaliate, he or she will draw followers. This is part of the tactic and part of the reason it plays well.

    Attacking religious nuts only drives them (and those around them) further into the nut case.

  • pixel
    Maria is André's sister. André's family is growing by the minute.
  • ToesUp
    .....and they lived happily ever after. Ain't that sweet!
  • sparrowdown

    This "experience" is code. What they really mean is - when confronted by "angry people" while engaging in the public ministry (ie cart work )- keep your cool and don't say anthing. If you keep your mouth shut you could receive a blessing from Jehovah.

  • stuckinarut2

    In agreement with others who have already posted here, I can confirm having an experience of ours related by the CO who used it at assemblies for months after...only problem was the details changed SO much that it didn't even seem like the same experience anymore!

    25% truth, 75% embellishment....

  • steve2

    I had an experience some months after I left the organization of a prejudiced JW hurling hurtful words at me in public for my daring to say "Hello" to her.

    I did not retaliate but calmly went on my way.

    She did not subsequently contact my family to apologise and she never learnt that my calm, respectful demeanor reflected my beliefs on how to treat my fellow human beings.

    I seriously doubt my experience will ever be told within the pages of any JW publication.

  • stuckinarut2

    VERY good point Steve2!

    Its amazing how much the "experience" changes when turned the other way!

  • ctrwtf
    I gotta call BS. Why are such experiences delivered with first names only? If this were real wouldn't the individuals involved want to stand by their story?

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