Ironic song title June 2017 broadcast. Has someone in the GB got a sense of humour?

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  • stuckinarut2

    Just watching that train-wreck of a song in the june 2017 broadcast. (BTW, Yet another one filmed in Australia I see)

    "I can get back Up!" etc...

    Did anyone notice the type of car she drove?

    I tried to post a screen shot pic but I am not clever enough to do so.... can someone help please?


    Hi Stuckinarut2

    This car ?

    Whats the significance of this car ?



  • stuckinarut2

    Yup That's it!

    Thanks for posting the pics.

    The song goes "I can get back up!" while showing a VW Up!.

    OK, so its a small thing, but made me chuckle anyway....

  • jwleaks

    I Can Get Back Up was a song by the rock band You, Me, And Everyone We Know.

    . . .

    There was a time when I thought that I would never be
    This close with anyone
    A leather lesson and the harshest words
    I was abused at ten under the hot pacific sun
    There was the time I came to your side, it was 3 am
    And you were begging me to die
    Another year was all it took for you to forget
    The best friend that always carried you

    So why are you still saying I'm not when I already am?
    You keep on kicking me down.
    You keep on kicking me down.
    Why are you still saying we won't when we already are?
    You keep on kicking me down.
    You keep on kicking me down.

  • tor1500

    Hi All,

    Thar song is something they took from A Gospel Song by Kirk Franklin called "we fall down but we get up". The JW's are slowly imitating other religions. In a wt a while ago. They wrote, "what would Jesus do". Now when other christians started to say that the Jw's would have their negative comments. Now who is using the phrase.

    Stay tuned there will be more songs that mirror gospels songs. But only folks like me who have been to places of worship would be able to recognize it.

    The org. is trying to show how warm and fuzzy they are. Lurkers if you are thinking about having a study. Do your research and pay attention. The public literature is much better than the congregations literature. All our literature is about dos and don'ts. But the public is geared towards trying to make life better.

    If this religion is to survive they are going to have to change their game. They have to attract the young folks and that's not happening. That's why they are merging congregations. Many say well it's because the young ones moved away. Could be but i think they move away because they don't want to be a JW.

    There is very little growth and everybody knows it.

    So again keep on the lookout for more mainstream Christian stuff. We can only hope this social media generation can make a change in the org.


  • pale.emperor

    When i hear "i can get back up" it always reminds me of those talks we used to hear from the platform about when you sin, dont give up, you can get back up and Jehovah will forgive you!

    (if you rat yourself out to the elders and sit in a kangaroo court, get DF'd, shunned, come back after a year and then maybe we'll pretend nothing happened).

    Maybe they're realizing more young ones are just leaving rather than sitting in on a JC.


    Hi Stuckinarut2

    That is funny, their music videos just keep getting worse and worse, slowly but surely we will have happy clappy

    gospel songs I'm sure. Everything they discouraged is now being encouraged.



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