This week's Watchtower study - Really, really, really?

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  • rickroll

    Most of the OPs points are taken but homosexuality is a sin and forbidden in the old and new testament. I have always found it strange how some want to reconcile the two. I don't believe in the bible as the word of god, I don't care if two guys or women want to live together or marry. That said you can not reconcile the two positions. You get people who are trying to twist what the bible says to make their point. Jesus was an Illegal alien, Jesus had not issue with homosexuality. That is total BS and anyone who has read the bible knows it. If a person who was gay was alive in any of the biblical times where the bible and or mosaic code was law they would be killed for being gay. The Romans and Greeks has no real issue with it, but its clear that being gay is not a life style that is OK according to the bible.

  • SAHS

    @“rickroll: Issues, me thinks.

  • rickroll

    As I said, I am an Atheist and do not give a rats ass if two men or women want to marry or live together. Its none of my business. I don't see the bible as the word of god and I for the most part ignore it. But to tell us that the bible is OK with being gay is pissing in my ear and telling me its raining. Its total BS.. The bible is very clear on homosexuality. Sorry if that offends you. You may be the one with issues.

  • inbetween09

    @rickroll: totally agree with you. The bible, no matter if you view it as inspired by God or not, does clearly condemn homosexuality. There is no doubt about it. How else would you view the term "Men lay with men" or simlar expressions. The excuses and different interpretations are rather lame.

  • Vidiot
    Biahi - "...are you a fan of The Handmaids Tale?"

    Not really, I just know what it's about.

    Frankly, I'm a little surprised that comparisons between the theocratic regime in the story and the WT's impending New System haven't been made sooner.

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