How would you explain jws to a non-jw?

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  • mustang

    Actually, everybody started keeping Dunkin' Donuts/Winchells/KripsyKreme in business AFTER I left!!!

    (Piss, moan, bitch-bitch, grumble-grumble...)


  • ashitaka

    I would just say,

    Think of a Bull

    Think of the Bull's Ass

    Think of what comes out of the Bull's Ass.

    There you have it.


  • Gadget

    I've been talking to my cousin a bit this weekend about what it was like to be a witness, and in the end I just showed her this thread. bttt.

  • Sassy

    I have had a hard time explaining JWs to my boyfriend. The more I try, the more he shakes his head. He will even say, do you have any normal friends who are JWs?? He has obviously seen how dysfunctional JWs are. And the doctrines we believed in, we will talk about them and now of course they make no sense, so it is so hard to him think it is a rational religion to be a part of. He can't believe the control we were under.

    However, as he deals with wanting to say NO to his daughter who is 14 and yet not wanting to feel over protective and looks at me, I tell him, hey, this is new territory for me. My kids were raised JWs and they just plain weren't allowed to do anything!! Then he says, wait, let me rethink this, maybe I will make my daughter one! Just kidding of course!!


  • Gadget


  • Gadget
  • stillAwitness

    I have the same problem with guys I date. Just don't understand why I need to be careful about where I am seen with them, where and when to have PDA, why they can't ever meet the parents or even call my house. They just don't get it. All they see is me being 21 and being treated like I'm 16 but of course its deeper than that.Sometimes I think how much easier it would be to date an ex-jw than someone who is not one at all. They just don't get it. I lose a lot of boyfriends to this

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