Jehovah's Witnesses: the Brotherhood of Delusion

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  • TerryWalstrom

    A fellow who was the number one salesman for an insurance agency told me one day, an amazing thing I've often thought about since then.
    I had asked him what sort of person is the easiest to sell to.
    He didn't hesitate for even a second.
    "Salesmen! You can sell them easier than anybody."
    I had to ask why, of course. He laughed and told me his opinion.
    "All great salesman start believing their own bullshit. They have a style about them which is so convincing. It isn't acting or lying--it's total acceptance of what they're saying. This makes them highly susceptible to other great salesmen. The rhythm and magic of a good sales presentation is filled with the kind of thing they already do and say and believe. It's just a piece of cake to make a sale, selling to another salesman."

    The Governing Body certainly believes their own B.S. As Ray Franz termed it in his book, "They are Captives of a concept!"
    Whatever they print in a publication simply must be true--even if it isn't.

    If you want to observe this in action--listen to 2 JW's lying to each other about some story of demon activity they "experienced" or heard about.
    The story gets exaggerated with each new telling. The original story has to be total fabrication or misunderstanding--yet it catches fire with each telling until it is a terrifyingly acceptable TRUE tale of Satanic malfeasance.

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    Introvert 2

    Stellar post Terry thank-you so much, sharing generously !

  • TerryWalstrom

    Most conscious life forms find a way to alter consciousness, don't they?

    Reality is : We are alive and we shall die.
    If we die quickly or die slowly, in our sleep or in pain, we do not know.

    So, we find a way to slacken the noose a wee bit and escape, however temporarily into another kind of thinking--false belief, superstition, wishful thinking, a druggy haze, hallucination, or just a nice buzz.

    What is the advantage of clear thinking as opposed to all these alternatives? Perhaps this: the clear thinker sees real options for a long life well lived. A clear thinker plans and works the plan. There are provisions made--real provisions--dependable fallbacks, insurance, support of some kind.
    The other sort of person (the escapist) suddenly finds themselves at the end of the rope and nowhere to turn.
    We all must face these decisions.
    What kinds of choices we've left open depends mostly on which alternative we've pursued and options we've left open.

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