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  • Maverick

    I just read Blondies WatchTower comments and was thinking about the J-duds and their version of love.They talk about how God loved us even when we were sinners. A policy far removed from the J-duds. My daughter, who I have custody of, has been having trouble with her J-dud mother. My baby,(19) was never baptized and does not want to be a dud. Her mother has told her that she,(mom) has a problem with the girl over the religion and will not talk to her or associate with her any more. Mind you the girl was never a dud and her mother ran off with a worldly guy when she was 13 and only "came back" when the FBI put the guy in jail! As for caring about this child I offered mom 100 grand and she took it and did not fight me for custody. 100K...that was her price, I thought it was a hell of a deal!

    I love my daughter, no holds barred! I told her that if, in time she wanted to be a dud, that was her call. All I asked was that she still talk to me and not let that bunch of depends wearing, addled brained, androgyny up in Brooklyn tell her she could not! You see, I love her unconditionally. I have loved her from birth. I could do no other. If she were to smash my new truck,( two days old), I would get over it, as long as she was not hurt! She's worth more than all the trucks on earth. I may not like some of the things she does, but I will always love her....how could I do otherwise? I helped deliver her, cared for her, dealt with the teenage years as a single parent, watched her grow, how could I not want the very best for her? This, to me, is the most evil part of Dud-dom....to walk away from your family, if they do not conform. They are clueless to what love is. And God has no part with them.....Your thoughts? Maverick

  • Euphemism

    100% agreement, Maverick.

    A large chunk of the bookstudy material tonight was about God's loving-kindness. And it was painful to hear all the dub's talk about God's love, and then add: "as long as we're trying our best, of course" or "as long as we're repentant and have a right heart attitude" or stuff like that.

    I do have to give credit where credit is due... one brother actually came out and said: "God's love and compassion extends to the whole world." I made sure to pick up on his comment and re-emphasize that statement.

    Of course, the brother who made that comment is the one who has no "privileges" and is considered weak because he and his wife are separated.

  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    I agree as well, Maverick, well done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LDH


    I lurv you unconditionally!

    Having done the single parent thing myself, I can honestly say I agree with you. They haven't invented a religion yet that will come between us.

    She's lucky to have you, and that was cheap.


  • Maverick

    Just an update on the unconditional love of the J-duds. My daughter "walked" tonight in her graduation ceremony. I was there, camera in hand with her friends. Even the Mayor showed up and gave the commencement speech. Where was J-dud mom?....She called my daughter about an hour before we left and told the girl she was not feeling up to going. Got the kid crying...dirt bag woman! Maverick

  • Odrade

    Ugggh. give her an extra hug and kiss from me. She did good, graduating, and she's got a good life ahead of her.

    You're a good daddy. Just keep loving that girl and she'll survive whatever her so-called "mom" does to her.

  • Gopher


    Great post from a really good dad! Your daughter still has emotional attachments to mom, but mom is in danger of making your daughter give up on her. If that happens, your daughter will see that she doesn't need that kind of mess in her life.

    A key phrase in your post explained that your daughter NEVER was a J-dub. Then what is with all this shunning from mom? Even the Borg-anization does not enforce shunning against those who never were its members.

    Why do people feel they have to go beyond what the Bible and even their own religion teaches? I will never understand. But I call it hatred.

  • Maverick

    Good point Gopher. The sad fact it that my ex never was tight with my daughter. For the ex, this kid has one function; to be used to get to me. My daughter is my Achilles Heel. The duds give her crap to "punish" me for being a big bad apostate. They could care less about her, she is just a tool. The duds treatment of my daughter was one of the first things that opened my eyes to what hypocrites they all are. Maverick

  • worldlygirl
    100K...that was her price, I thought it was a hell of a deal!

    Maverick, I don't really have anything to add to this thread, but I just wanted to say that the above comment brought tears to my eyes. You're obviously a great dad who TRULY knows the meaning of unconditional love.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    WHAT a GUY, Maverick! I'm sure you're daughter will treasure the loving-kindness and caring you've shown to her for all her life, cher!

    Frannie B

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