Service Department Reminder!

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  • Atlantis
    Was not sure if all of the friends got a copy of this.

    Service Department Reminder.

    This reminder came in with the other GDPR BOE. It suggests that some of the elders aren't even reading materials sent to them by the Watchtower. So they need to be reminded!

    "The Announcements and Reminders (S-147) form provides helpful information for all congregations each month. However, from feedback we have received, it seems some elders have not realized that it also contains important information just for elders. Therefore, every elder should personally read the S-147 each month. Generally, it is released on the first Monday of each month and can be found in the login section of on the “Documents” tab, under “Document Types-Forms.”

    See page 3

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Work 40 hours a week making a loving then work 40 hours a week working for the borg for free. No wonder many of them are so grumpy. I know I was when iI was in their servitude. Still Totally ADD

  • btlc

    That's funny, it seems that former and fading JWs are more interested and updated with JW internal materials than average elder!

  • blondie

    Some who post here are jws still attending meetings, etc., others while no longer associated have family members and friends who are and may not have access to this info. Most elders feel they know more than the WTS and that the administration is constantly changing personnel. When my husband was a new elder, he was shocked what went on behind the scenes. It even made one new elder quit after his first elders meeting.

    I remember a new elder was attending his first elders school and the teachers instructed the elders how to line up for lunch. About 1/3 just pushed ahead in line. He saw elders sleeping during the program. And just to spice it up the conductor said it was great trestrooms because the sisters and children were not there. What!

    New elders tend to be motivated to be the kind of elders that are described in the publications. If my husband had known what went on behind the curtain, he would have refused the offer to be an elder.

  • SadElder

    Wonder if the elders know the Bethell message system tells mother when or if they read the documents sent?

  • Listener

    They can't help themselves. The letter says that from feedback from they have received 'it seems' some Elders haven't realised that their Elder's messages contains information just for Elders.

    What do they mean by saying 'it seems'? They must be making this up. Most likely because their feedback is their own computer reporting system that shows which Elders have opened their messages and not because some Elders have told them so.

  • sir82

    Pfft. LOL.

    Hey Watchtower, you nitwitted a clue. No one reads your crap, not even the people you design it for.


  • waton

    elders are always dismayed when you show them pertinent points that wt articles contain, that do not agree with their stance they take on certain issues; very deflating to their big ego balloon perception.

  • smiddy3

    Maybe its bureaucracy that`s going to be the undoing of the JW religion after all , Elders not doing there jobs , MS ,not doing there jobs ,and down the chain the rank and file not doing their jobs , because they are just so worn out with the never ending just around the corner ,its imminent , so soon now ,any day now , last days, even hours and minutes away in Jehovah`s time frame .

    What is that supposed to mean ?

    "A thousand years to Jehovah is like one day"

    "And a day to Jehovah is like one thousand years" .

    So by those thoughts Armageddon and the great Tribulation could still be hundreds if not thousands of years away still.

    Do Jehovah`s Witnesses ever think for themselves ? and not rely on the GB/WT to think for them ?

  • waton

    Maybe its bureaucracy that`s going to be the undoing of the JW religion after all.

    There are a few prime examples of bureaucracy killing a plant like parasite, Indie, Germany.

    Read up on BER airport and "room 240". abuse of police.

    Governing Body, a biblical non term, is about governing, about control. Trying to micro-manage will mangel any useful work. The whole thing is balled up. gone haywire.

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