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  • Terry

    QUESTION of the DAY

    Each man chosen of the Twelve Jesus selected had been called disciples, or "students"
    (meaning "one who learns"). (Latin discipulus; Greek μαθητής mathētḗs; Hebrew לִמּוּד limmûdh;

    Jesus is stated in the Bible to have sent out the Twelve using a new description: Apostles, "whom he also named apostles" (Luke 6:13), first before his death "to the lost sheep of Israel" (Matthew 10), and after his (resurrection to spread the message of the Good News to all nations (Matthew 28:16-28:20).

    With the above firmly in mind, the question arises:
    “Why aren’t the Governing Body called Apostles?”

  • Biahi

    Terry, don’t give them any ideas!! 😀

  • wozza

    Perhaps it is because they can't speak in tongues or heal people miraculously or just plain not make mistakes when they prophesy. OR the word Apostle sounds too much like Apostate.

  • pistolpete

    Why aren’t the Governing Body called Apostles?”

    "Governing Body" has more "Zing" to it.

    Why be called an apostle (one who learns)---- in today's climate - when "GOVERNOR" or "GOVERNING - BODY" elicits more POWER and CONTROL over the sheeple💪

  • truth_b_known


    Good question! We know that according to the Gospel Judas was appointed an Apostle by Jesus. After Jesus death and ascension, the book of Acts states that remaining 11 Apostles "cast lots" to decided between 2 possible replacements for Judas. Matthias was appointed as Judas' replacement.

    All Bishops in the Catholic Church can trace their succession back to the 12 Apostles of Act chapter 1. The concept of the "Governing Body" is new even to the Watchtower relatively speaking. The 8 members of the Governing Body cannot trace their lineage back to the 12 Apostles. They can only trace their lineage back a few decades when the whole concept was created.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    There are many remnants of the business world left in JW terminology, from both Russell the wannabe businessman and Rutherford the lawyer and wannabe judge. Just like publisher, governing body has more secular origins.

    But you're right: they claim to be directly appointed and 'sent forth' from God and Jesus themselves, so technically there should be no issue with being called apostles. However not doing so makes it easier to talk out of both sides of their mouths. They also have written lots of material denouncing apostolic succession which would have to be backpedaled. And besides, the Mormons beat them to it with their governing body, "The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles".

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I think if you posed this question to them they'd tell you that individually they are Apostles of Christ (as are all JW's) but are also an individual member of the Governing Body. They believe that they are the "faithful and discrete slave" spoken of in the Bible and that they are Apostles of Jesus who were directed by him to form this group and oversee his belongings.

  • Terry

    Thank you each and all for some interesting opinions on the peculiar lapse on the
    part of the Governing Body not to seize upon a connection with Jesus' most intimate companions whom he commissioned to take the Good News to the world at large.
    My own guess (and that's all it is) as to why they do not self-designate as Apostles?
    Two problems.
    1. The Apostles weren't sub-divided into sheep and goats.
    2. None of the Apostles were mediators; they always deferred to Jesus.

  • Disillusioned JW
    Disillusioned JW

    The term "Governing Body" is not unique to the leadership of the JWs. The term is also used by a number of corporations for their leadership. When the WT first adopted the term it was when the Governing Body was part of the WT corporation, and one of the WT's former uses of the term pertains to those governing the WT corporation. It is thus odd that the WT claims that the governing body began in the first century CE in Christianity and that it is unique to Christianity.

    See .

  • Terry

    Ahhhh...but the question is not why are they called Governing Body - but - why
    they do NOT call themselves APOSTLES inasmuch as GB isn't a Bible term
    but apostle IS from the scriptures.

    Verisimilitude: verisimilitude is the notion that some propositions are closer to being true than other propositions. The problem of verisimilitude is the problem of articulating what it takes for one false theory to be closer to the truth than another false theory.

    I'm wondering why it was a matter of choice.

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