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  • dogisgod

    Can someone please help me find the video from the society regarding not advancing children's talents? It's about a child who is very good at something musical and has been invited to participate in a special advanced course but his father explains how that is worldly thinking. Something along those lines.

  • Sanchy

    You mean the Sergei videos from the 2016 Remain Loyal Conventions:

  • dogisgod

    yup. thank you!

  • pale.emperor

    Yeah, coz God wants you to waste your talents and instead knock on doors just like everybody else.

    It's a good thing not everyone is a JW, otherwise we'd have no doctors, scientists, bankers and farmers. We'd all be dead in a generation.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    I went to a conservatory of music and had my expenses paid for the first year. Prior to embarking upon my long-held dream of attending music school, I had begun studying with the Witnesses. You can imagine the disappointment and anger of non-Witness kith and kin when I quit my education and became a JW.

    What Sergei's dad says is not wholly untrue: the competition is tough, there are temptations, etc. Yet, only yesterday, I was feeling certain regrets. While preparing for a recording session of a vocal transposition I had made, I thought how much easier the entire process would be if I had finished my training. I am competent but not the brilliant pianist and composer and arranger I could have been. Who knows?

    Oh, well. I did receive the world's most comprehensive education at Awake! University instead . . .

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    A good friend of mine who was a headmistress in a London school told me about the most outstanding pupil she ever came across in her long teaching experience. The girl always got top marks and it was expected naturally that she would go to university and flourish and have a distinguished career in whatever she chose.

    Alas! the girl did not want to go to university since she was a JW. She gave the impression to my friend that there is something like one in her religion in the USA and she would attend that. I really don't know what she meant, perhaps Gilead school but whatever happened the cult deprived her of self fulfillment and stole her life. . .like it does for all its followers.

  • waton

    How will the youths, whose talent is not appreciated and furthered react?

    In one case of celebrating the departure of the leaving CO* , they declined to perform, even though on the printed schedule.

    * departure is always a cause to celebrate, like the speaker leaving the podium is a reason to applaud. loudly.

  • zeb

    for some the applause is gratitude that the speaker have finally ended their waffling on...

  • smiddy

    my niece had gifts in music and talents in the violin and piano and was encouraged to further her talents with higher education by her teachers.

    Needless to say she gave it all way for the "truth" and never pursued her talents.

    I think its so sad that the religion stifles so much possible talent among their own youth .many years down the track I wonder if they regret what could have been.

  • stillin

    I have known so many young people that did well in high school to the extent that they say they were offered scholarships at universities, it declined "for the Kingdom." If half of the stories are true the Kingdom is a huge brain drain.

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