SOME similiarities between Putin and the GB

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  • Truthexplorer
    I was watching a french news programme today that looked at why Putin has quite a high following within Russia despite the fact he rules with an iron fist. The journalist highlighted the fact that Putin is happy for individuals to question his policies (within reason) 'AS LONG AS' you support him as president. Journalists are CLOSELY watched/monitored if they ask sensitive questions that may cause his leadership embarrasement; and of course anyone openly critizing him can be sent away to prison. One guy got 3 years for openly critizing him! It was only afterwards I got to thinking....WHO is it that Jehovah's Witnesses aren't allowed to question WHATSOEVER? Answer= The GB. What happens to Jehovah's Witnesses who may disagree with some of WT teachings or simply want to share their own view on scripture with others at their hall? Answer= They are closely watched/monitored by the elders in line with the GB's policies. What happens to those who openly question/critisize the GB? Answer = They face endless years of isolation from fellow witnesses, friends and in many cases even their own family (a figurative type of imprisonment). Isn't it interesting that everyone 'in' the organisation agrees with the GB regardless! Did you ever hear a witness at the hall say that they didn't agree with the GB on certain matters? In Ray Franzes book Crisis of Conscience, he likened the GB to an Iron fist in a velvet glove,. It's all quite astonishing when you look at the similiarities!!






  • RubaDub

    At least the GB wear shirts.

    Rub a Dub

  • kaik

    One thing is certain, Putin will not be here forever, and once he dies, the system he created on ruins of post-cold Russia will go away. As did Stalinism and Brezhnev doctrine. However, WT will be here as long it has followers. It will survive everyone who is on the top of the chain. They are just a big cog on overall BS mechanism.

    I do not think that non-Russians can ever understand Putin. I see him as a disaster for Russia in making. His economic boom based on the expensive commodities is gone, and by next two years all economic changes and progress from 1999 will be erased. Also it is imperative that the issue Russia faces is not challenge them forward, but to look into long lost past. It would be the same if Germans would start to rationalize that the Fourth Reich is the answer for their current social and economic problems. I remember USSR, communism, and the system. It was horrible, but Putin managed to create an aura of glorious past that was in reality not that good. WT in comparison would have to point out to the era of Knorr, but it does not. It is not organization caught into its past, and cares less about it.

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