Could trends and group think be evidence of a form of telepathy?

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  • EndofMysteries

    I was thinking the other day about trends. Think back over the decades and how generally the majority of people will feel or like or dislike the same things. People comment how awful and ugly things that trended in the past were. Things that are trending and popular now not long ago would have been thought of as ugly as well. I even have noticed in myself at times my likes after a trend is deeply going to at times like it as well.

    Aside from trends when there is horde mentality and big change as well.

    If it is true then I would imagine it works by a way in which the more people who are doing it and thoughts surrounding feel on something the more influence it has to possibly change your thoughts as well.

    When a disaster is coming and animals seem to know, it would be a similar situation as well.

  • Jonathan Drake
    Jonathan Drake
    Read, "The Tipping Point" by Malcolme Gladwell.
  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    I don't feel we should be surprised at all that similar brains processing similar information will arrive at similar conclusions.

    In any sufficiently complicated system emergent properties almost always arise. At every scale things are more than the sum of their parts. Atoms are not just quantitatively greater than the neutrons, protons and electrons of which they are made -but they're also qualitatively greater. That is to say, atoms have properties that its parts don't.

    As we scale up complex molecules have properties that the atoms of which they are composed simply don't - like metallic, ionic, and covalent bonds. Chains of these molecules - like RNA and DNA - also have emergent properties - like self replication. Put enough of these self replicating molecules together and suddenly you have something even greater - like cell. Put a whole bunch of cells together and you end up with something even greater - like an animal. Put enough of these animals together - like humans - and you get something even greater - like societies and cultures.

    And trends in culture shouldn't surprise us. To the contrary - they are to be expected. No telepathy required.

  • punkofnice

    EoM - the grumpy unky punky take on it is this: As humans we're all pretty predictable. Not as unique as we think we are. It isn't really telepathy, we just have predictable behaviours.

    I think there's a lot of research gotta go into animals and their sensing of disasters before we claim that telepathy did it.

    Let's face it, humans are crap.

  • prologos
    I am thinking of the murmurations of birds, quasi instant mutual flight maneuvers. I was part of a mob in 1953 , Brick in hand ready to attack Russian tanks, moving like those birds, carried along, little me, without personal control over my actions. Not that I think that some magical field had netted all of us, but it is a eerie memory, to be avoided, or to be sought? Coded logic gave some good analogies, but is there a build-in mega-mechanism that promotes these higher orders, make them inevitable, an addictive, inevitable process?
  • EndofMysteries

    Interesting Johnathon Drake.

    The past couple of days I looked a bit more into telepathy as every couple of years I revisit this topic and if any advances or changes in the world/research/etc about it. I found some interesting things. Especially with autism.

    But here is something further I came up with on my own today. If telepathy is real then the ability to take in thoughts and consciously know them would be partially based on our sensory and what our brain allows us to sense and what is filtered. Several months ago I tried lsd strictly based on my curiosity of what hallucinations were. I was so shocked on what I saw, the colors, vividness, and all my other senses changed/amplified/etc. Learning about how the thalamus in our brain is a filter and how it's thought that lsd interupts the filtering allowing colors and other things sensed to come in much more amplified, I wondered if lsd and telepathy might have a match. Googleing it, found many posts and experiences about it, yet nobody had any idea why. But if it's real, and the thalmus filters a lot of sensory input, and lsd interfers with that, then that would explain why people on it may experience it. I almost want to try it again to do some telepathy tests.

  • Xanthippe

    When testing has been carried out on telepathy and ESP, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, the results are very random and therefore difficult to quantify empirically. It reminds me of, I think it was Dawkins, talking about the evolution of the eye. He said that creationists mock and say what would be the use of having part of an eye. Dawkins explained being able to detect light and movement would be a huge advantage to a species starting to develop basic eyes.

    I think it may be the same with telepathy and ESP, it's very random and hard to prove under laboratory conditions because it's only partially formed, still evolving. People who listen to their hunches and live more intuitively have an advantage over those that don't. Doesn't mean you don't use your rational brain but it just means you don't ignore the more unexplainable parts of our mind, hunches, intuition, feelings.

    I don't think drugs are going to help your brain though EoM. Brain chemistry is extremely sensitive, I wouldn't advise playing around with it. Experimenting by listening to your intuition is much safer.

  • TheWonderofYou

    Prologos: Some days ago i watched a programme where the bird flight was mentioned. As far as i remember the bird flight is based on three simple natural principles, 1. Remain in the band, 2. Keep distance, 3 ? Dont know, but no telepathy

    Such processes are simulated by computer software for prediction of pedestrian or vehicle traffic on roads or in airports or stadiums. Scientists simulate the bird fly in bands on computer, you can be the eagle with your mouse, and can watch how the birds flee, when you as eagle fly in the mist of them., the program software is very simple though.

    Scientists are already working on robots like artificial soldiers that work in group and interact for themselves basing on such simple rules.or think of the artficial work robots, like a band of vacuun cleaners that dont touch each other

    Man are behaving according also to very simple group laws not telepathy, remember how easy someone is open for propaganda of cults or isis, its group behaviour that makes people feel strong, better, adapted, elitarian everything functions according to simple basic group laws.

  • Saintbertholdt
  • Saintbertholdt
    Some days ago i watched a programme where the bird flight was mentioned. As far as i remember the bird flight is based on three simple natural principles, 1. Remain in the band, 2. Keep distance,

    Oh also see, cellular automata for simple rules generating complex behavior.

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