UK 2016 Sheffield Convention

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  • darkspilver

    This is actually, cinematographically, a pretty good video, certainly better then most of them anyway!

    1 to 3 July 2016 at Sheffield Arena, UK

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Even more boring than the real thing.

  • Splash

    Sunday attendance - 8428

    Baptised - 19

    This is 0.23%

  • jookbeard

    same shite,different year different type of venue,same boring crap, its hasn't stirred any urges that I may have had to go back.

  • Listener

    The only interesting thing about that Youtube is the edited comment made by the channel owner

    EDIT - Thank you for all the lovely messages Brothers and Sisters, its greatly appreciated, I'm sorry that they are no longer visible on this video. Unfortunately I had to disable comments as Apostates, with nothing better to do, were leaving comments and I can't spend all day deleting them.
  • alanv

    Thanks for the figures splash. Hopefully others will let us know the other UK baptism figures

  • nelim

    Hmm this 'best' in yellow suggests they have seen the hash tag 'worst convention ever'. Here's hoping that some also read the reasons why it was the worst.

  • Thisismein1972

    Read the description box. It seams this poor Jehovah's Witness could not handle the comments section, therefore he has disabled it.

    Pesky evil apostates strike again.

  • konceptual99

    So the first London convention at the Excel was last weekend.

    Peak attendance - 17447

    Baptised - 68

    By my maths that's 0.39%. Well in line with other figures from around the UK. My guess is overall growth of 1% +/- 0.1% in the next annual report.

    There's another convention this weekend coming. It will be interesting to see what that brings as it's a bank holiday long weekend and I suspect people will prefer to be elsewhere.

  • polish clarinet
    polish clarinet

    Most important thing in modern conventions : the giant screen!!!

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