Disturbing how Christians Feel about Non-Christians

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  • LaurenM

    So I posted a question on Yahoo answers asking about what Christians feel God feels about non-Christians. The overwhelming answer was that he feels they must convert to Christianity or risk hell/death/distruction (John 3:16). I just don't understand how this could be! If God is love, how could God destroy, for example, the 1.6 billion Muslims in this world who are devout, love their families, want to be happy and could not dream of leaving their faith. Why would God do that?

    But if you believe in the bible, you have to believe that he would, he'd also kill all homosexuals too by that matter

    I'd like to believe in a higher being, but how could an omniscient God be so prejudice and narrow minded to think that "righteous" and "unrighteous" can be judged based solely on the premise of whether the person thinks Jesus is their savior and lives accordingly. There are good and bad people of every path and faith. Logic 101!

    What do Christians/non-christians have to say about this?

  • rebel8

    There is a question discussed in many basic philosophy courses that is profound: The question of evil.

    A loving god could not be all-powerful, all-knowing and all-good. The things preached by the creator and his son in the bible are inconsistent with being omnibenevolent.

  • Giordano

    What I have to say is that "Silence is the language of God all else is a poor translation."

    Which means that every religion is only a reflection of the culture and traditions of the people that made it up. How else does one explain the thousands...tens of thousand............ of religions that have evolved.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Broadly agree with the OP.

    I find it strange that some Christians will be all nice to murders, rapists that feel remorseful and want to be Christians, but those same Christians will tell clean-living atheists and agnostics that aren't interested in religion that they'll burn in hell for eternity. How nice.

    There are good and bad people of every path and faith - completely agree.

  • LaurenM
    That's very true! And each person believes their own belief is true and everyone else's is false.
  • blondie
    Of course, jws (WTS) teach that they are the only true Christians; everyone else are professed/so-called Christians or non-Christians and only they will survive God's destruction.
  • LaurenM
    Yes, true. But it seems like ALL Chriatian denominations (well all that I've encountered) teach the exact same thing :(
  • LostGeneration

    Your experience is one reason I left Jesus/YHWH behind altogether.

    Love me or I'll kill you sounds like a pretty abusive relationship.

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