Preaching work already done - not for now

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  • schnell

    No, we certainly care. The JW experience deserves to be talked about and expressed and dispelled. However, we're not really not talking about your experience as a JW... We're talking about an aspect of the theology which you readily smashed. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Well done.

    There are plenty of topics like this one on here, so I wouldn't put too much weight on the dismissal.

  • jookbeard

    s_s , their message is irrelevant, pointless,a venomous poison,and so is the bibles,it holds no point to our lives whatsoever, but our experiences are not of course not, a huge percentage of us can pull their doctrinal belief system apart in a few mere moments, but forums like this offer far far more than trying to decipher pointless biblical so called prophecy, I steer anyone away from even reading the bible or worshipping the god of it.

  • stockholm_Syndrome

    ahhhhhhhh o.k. --- setlle stockholm settle ---but to be honest I couldnt find apostate apologist info anywhere when I started to look ---- and my nerd brain needed to be untaught --- so I think others may too

  • Onager

    Someone on here mentioned the book Thomas Paine's "The Age of Reason", which I downloaded from Project Gutenberg and read. It lays out clearly a line of argument which has been at the back of my mind forever:

    Only personal revelation is a valid basis for belief, anything else is hearsay.

    The bible is a book written by men, interpreted by other men and then explained by yet further men from platforms and pulpits. I'm under no obligation to believe any of those men. In fact to believe, I would actually need faith in men rather than faith in god. Faith that the writers wrote the truth, faith that the interpreters did a good job and faith that the preachers have the right interpretation.

    Paine puts it so much better than me! I wish I could articulate my thoughts like he does. I'd take over the world!

  • Sanchy

    Good point Stockholm,

    Even while in, I always wondered how we could justify everyone having to preach, when there was no biblical evidence that all 1st century Christians did so. Beyond that, where is the decree for keeping and analyzing fellow Christian's personal field service reports?

  • leaving_quietly

    Regardless of whether the preaching work is already done or not, the big question is: is every Christian required to do it, as JWs teach?

    My simple answer: if every Christian was REQUIRED to do it, why was Philip designated as Philip the Evangelizer. Weren't they all evangelizers?

  • JWdaughter

    I remember when in this forum we could discuss the bible as it related to WT teachings. Since JWS are usually coming from a place that doesn't reject belief, it isn't a bad idea, IMO, to allow these discussions without rancor. We are all at different places in the journey.

  • Ruby456

    yes I think we need to allow such discussions to continue. good points stockholm syndrome

    i particularly like this point

    When you read about God’s servant getting the commission to build an ark- do you start building because you too are God’s servant? –
    Why not?

    I'd also add that we need to examine why there was a need for preaching in the first century (in the external context) and why a similar need was identified during the late 19th early 20th century and whether or not these needs continue today as we live in Christian countries

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