Netherlands: sexual abuse report can stay online judge rules

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    The report has appeared on various websites and this, the judge, said, ‘negates any sense of urgency about removal or rectification’.

    Like this website:

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    The Dutch Government recognise that the JW organisation publishes lies, namely that they give pastoral care to the victims when in fact they certainly do not..

    JW "pastoral care" consists of this remedy: read the WT literature and keep preaching.

    This is wholly self interested, misguided and uncaring not to say desperately wrong. The abuse problem until now has been concealed for the sake of bad publicity. The self esteem of abused person just withers away. People lose the will to live when those in authority who claim to care just ignore the plight of those who have been sexually abused.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen
    The report has appeared on various websites and this, the judge, said, ‘negates any sense of urgency about removal or rectification’.

    For context: when the report was about to be released to the public, Watchtower started a preliminary injunction procedure to stop publication of the report.

    They lost, and the report was published the same day.

    Watchtower appealed the verdict.

    They now lost this appeal, as the judge recognizes that a preliminary injunction doesn't make sense anymore anyway as the report has already been published.

    Watchtower also demanded that the Minister of Justice would send a letter to the House of Representatives instructing them to disregard the report.

    To that the judge ruled that 1) he has no authority to tell the Minister what to do and 2) the Minister has no authority to tell the Representatives what to do. That demand was thus rejected as unconstitutional.

    Imho the next logical move for Watchtower could be to start a regular court case, but a newspaper reports they are considering petitioning the Supreme Court. Given the logical arguments of the judge and the nature of preliminary injunction proceedings, I don't think Watchtower will get lucky there.

  • Vidiot

    Repeated - and embarrassing - court losses...

    ...the Org leadership must be very confused by now.


  • careful

    Thanks for this update.

  • yalbmert99
  • Phizzy

    The JW org has bullied by using the Courts for many years. The Courts will no longer roll over and allow this, although they can be successful in bullying an individual, as happened recently, with the taking down of Videos etc of their Conventions.

    They are very near to committing Perjury in many instances, one day they will be charged with that I hope, and will find that their outright lies won't work anymore either.

    If they were truly gods organisation, they would have procedures in place to protect the vulnerable, and would not have to be so ashamed of their position, as one of the few organisations anywhere in the World who do not have such procedures. And they would not have to try to suppress the information getting to the Public that they are a Paedophile Paradise, would they ?

  • HoodwinkedToo

    @ Vidiot "...the Org leadership must be very confused by now."

    Exactly! Where is Jehovah when you realy need him? (To cover up the "faithful and discreet" slave's gross negligence and incompetence...)

  • bats in the belfry
    bats in the belfry

    @ HoodwinkedToo ... "Where is Jehovah when you really need him?"

    My guess: His heavenly rover broke down at a different corner of the universe and needs AAA attention. Meanwhile, his adherents are foofighting aimlessly in all directions.

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