After leaving what did you Major in?

by Luther bertrand 37 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Luther bertrand
    Luther bertrand
    I am curious if my observations are correct. I noticed alot of exjws end up majoring in the Social Sciences. I am also interested in what educational choices people have made either while fading or while completely out. So, What did you end up majoring in?
  • Finkelstein

    A Phd. in critical thinking and skepticism

  • brandnew
    No longer majored in malfunctions. Hydraulic, static, and electrical winch drive heavy lift. In other words....crane opperations.
  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon
    Humanity, become more tolerant, sympathetic and understanding.
  • punkofnice
    Major depression :(
  • Athanasius
    Majored in Business Administration, minored in
  • NewYork44M

    After my life as a witness I focused my life on accounting. I remember studying for my CPA exam and realized that generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) were far more comforting than anything I ever heard from the platform at a Kingdom hall. I am probably the first person in the history of humanity that considers accounting concepts at the par of any divine pronouncements from organized religion. Thus, I ended up as an accounting professor.

  • ctrwtf
    The wifey got a bachelors in psych. Working on a masters in social work. Me, I'm working on a masters in single malt scotch. Happily, I'm about to graduate to single malt irish whiskeys.
  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions
    Majoring in linguistics and computer science.

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