Have you repented?...I have!

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  • truman

    In one of Metatron's insightful posts, a phrase jumped out at me. He described a JW as having joined the religion in an act of repentance from a life of experiment in:

    sex, drugs, spiritism, and alcohol.

    I guess I am feeling really rebellious tonight, because the thought came to me that I too have experienced a transformation, a conversion, and have truly repented.

    The difference is, that I have repented of a life spent in a peculiar sort of JW excess. I repent of a miserably narrow and unhappy JW sex life, of rejecting any and all of nature's herbal consciousness enhancers without so much as a trial run of personal experimentation,....I repent of labeling any spirituality but JWism as 'spiritism', and refusing to consider its time tested and practical value, and I repent of never knowing what it felt like to be actually intoxicated.

    Yes, I have seen the light, and it is wonderful new light! And yes, brothers and sisters, not only have I repented, but I have carried out works befitting my repentance. Life is good!

  • smack

    yeah, wot 'e sed

  • berylblue

    Great post.

    Some of us have a LOT of "repenting" to do.

  • teejay

    Hey Truman. (good seein' ya...)

    Repentance from a life lived as a JW, huh? Never thought of it that way before. Wow. What a concept. :D

    For me, I wouldn't call it repentance. I have learned to forgive myself for the stupid stuff I've done (and still do). Maybe that's the same thing?

  • smack

    I think I'll have another glass of repentance, and then go watch a really raunchy DVD about Repenting.

  • cat1759

    I have repented, "Yes Brother, praise the lord, I am saved."

    Actually I enjoyed this post and never thought of repenting from what I did as a Jehovah Witness.

    Now the infractions are many where do I start?

    I repent for all those that I carried the message to and who actually took up the yoke. Oh my god, my sins are many.

    I repent for preaching against every religion as being false when I was to busy to pull the rafter out of my own eye.

    I repent for all those times I held the New System out as a carrot for others to have faith in. Now I am really sick.

    I repent for telling my parents they needed to do more. What the hell was I thinking?

    All those friday night dinners at the pub instead of at the kingdom hall....how could I be so lame. Age 11 after I was baptized and the only place to be was the kingdom hall.

    I repent for not understanding the Gay community. For showing them the scriptures and pointing out how they will recieve in full recompense for their sins, but never reading the whole scripture that continues to explain what I had done...wake up call, when my son told me he was Gay and I felt God was spitting in my face, only to learn that God is love and I was the one who had judged and condemned all. God had done no such thing.

    Not understanding the concept of sex and deciding those that got pregnant didn't really love Jehovah because if they had they would not have had sex.

    Forgiving the man who raped me at four because turning the other cheek was pleasing to Jehovah. I was the bad person that had to work out my sins, not the friend of my father's.

    Forgiving the sister for leaving a nasty ass shit filled diaper under the seat of my car because she was to damn lazy to take it out after field service. Had I been less forgiving I would have chucked it at her during the meeting and told her to never leave her dirty underwear under my seat again. Asking money for gas as working part time didn't even cover the car insurance. Jehovah will provide and notice my good works.

    Judgement and condemnation are mine saith the GB and make sure that you do your part to judge everyone and condemn them in this life or you will never attain Jehovah's approval.

    My sins are many, my faults are immense, my memory is lacking and so is my sense.

    Now to hit send or delete, which one, which one..hum.....


  • truman

    Thanks all for your replys! Hey there teejay!

    Cathy, although my original post was mostly supposed to be funny, some of the things you have 'repented' of are far more important, and I concur. I also repent of the narrow minded judgmentalism I had as a JW, and I repent of falling into the trap of thinking that the universe, and whatever creative force is its maker are so small that they could be defined by the legalistic and destruction oriented doctrines of the WT.

    Smack...how's that repenting going?

  • ballistic

    I repent for walking round doors for 90 hours a month in a mindless and pointless wander, I repent further for doing so and lying to myself that I enjoyed it.

  • little witch
    little witch

    Well, I will drink_smoke to that!!!

    Glad you are having some fun, Gosh, you are close to virginity....lol

    Have a great journey!

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