School for Kingdom Evangelizers Office Guidelines

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  • wifibandit
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    wifibandit - I don't know how in the world you get all this good inside stuff, but you sure can deliver the goods.

    So I have a proposition for you. Can you be a fly on the wall for all of us here and some how sneak in some recording devices for the weekly Wednesday meeting of the Governing Body? I sure would like to hear that.

    Just think what we could do with that??? :)

  • konceptual99

    Pretty interesting stuff as ever wifi...

    Found a few little things from a quick skim..

    What is the secret to a successful marriage? [F-13; w11 2/1 9 pars. 5-6; g 7/08 9 pars. 5-6]
    The secret is love for God and willingness to apply the counsel contained in his Word, the Bible.

    So it is impossible for a non JW, or even presumably a religiously divided, marriage to be successful.

    How do graduates of Gilead School differ from Christendom’s missionaries? [O-20; jv525 par. 1]
    Christendom’s missionaries have established hospitals, refugee centers, and orphanages to care for people’s material needs. Casting themselves in the role of champions of poor people, they have also stirred up revolution and participated in guerrilla warfare. In contrast, graduates of Gilead School teach people the Bible. Instead of setting up churches and expecting people to come to them, they call from house to house to find and teach those who are hungering and thirsting for righteousness.

    They minimise the charitable works like it's a badge of honour...

    Explain the difference between the Governing Body and the various legal corporations. [H-14; w01 4/15 29, fourth question] [1]
    While directors of a legal corporation are voted into office by its members, the Governing Body is ffi
    not appointed by any man but is appointed by Jesus Christ.

    Just confirmation of the hubris of the GB - chosen by Jesus so you'd better do what they say.

    Overall there is nothing there that you won't find in the publications but interesting nonetheless.

    Thanks for the post.

  • jaydee

    thanks from me too wifi...

  • Chook


    If those Wednesday meetings were made public for the average publisher to hear , half would be gone over night, the other half are loonie so no matter what was said they would stay.

  • Listener

    Notice the play on words in discussing appointments? On the one hand they are talking about individuals whereas the Governing body is a group.

    The Governing Body is appointed by Jesus.

    Would they mind telling us how the Governing Body members are appointed?

  • Chook

    Even Moses wouldn't qualify if he was over fifty and couldn't self support. It has nothing to do with qualifications, but what liabilities one brings to the WT table. Holy Spirit has zero,nothing,zilch with this process.

  • wifibandit

    Thanks should fall squarely on the Anon who reached out to me. It took some time to scrub the files, but once I did, I just passed them on.

    Thanks Anon, who ever you are.

    If anyone would like to leak privileged information, I can provide anonymity and technical assistance. Sources are always protected. I don't need to know who you are.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    Way to go wifibandit. People like you are the ones who keep us in the know and informed. Keep it up. :)

  • kevinHunty

    Hi there!!

    You can get it in Spanish?

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