Just Refused Mags from Rich Customer

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  • snugglebunny

    Oh dear. I have a customer - Dave - who gives me frequent and profitable work sometimes. I'm retired but am happy to do a little bit part-time.

    This morning I called to rectify some work he'd had done by a not-so expert "tradesman". On the way out he offered me a down-loaded copy of the latest Watchtower! I said no thanks, not for me. He persisted anyway, but I remained adamant and in the end told him that I wouldn't have JW material in the house. I told him that my parents had been JW's and that the religion had torn my family apart.

    And then he told me that he'd been disfellowshipped back in 1980!

    And then he told me that he was now going to all the meetings and had applied to be reinstated on 2 occasions and been turned down each time.

    I said that the organisation was run by men wearing big Rolex's, is that where he wanted to be? He responded that he was going to try for reinstatement one more time and if it was still no he wouldn't bother with the witnesses anymore.

    The guy is loaded financially. I wonder why he bothers?

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    If he has been turned down twice, his sin must have been juicy/atrocious. Can you find out why he was df'd?


  • sparky1

    "Can you find out why he was df'd?" - DY

    Quoting DY's post on another thread:

    "Don't be a regular ex-JW jerk - just mind your business."

    Maybe you should take your own advice?!

  • OnTheWayOut
    The guy is loaded?

    Third time will be a charm. Unless they think he never donated before and won't again.
  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    I am super curious.

    These days it takes a lot be kicked out. I am always suspicious of the df'd ones. Just need to know why.


  • Terry

    I stopped for a snack at the local QT (Quik Trip) store and saw a Watchtower lying on the ground next to the trashcan. I reached down to pick it up and realized this is the 1st time in years I've held one in my hands.

    First impression?

    The Watchtower is NOT the Watchtower of my era (50's --79).

    This new incarnation is nothing more nor less than a garish-looking tract!

    It was offensive to my eyes. I was once stopped in the L.A. Airport back when Hare Krishna ran rampantly about and a devotee with a 4ft. long tonsure placed a book in my hands begging for a donation. The colors and artwork style of that Krishna book are identical to the Watchtower I held in my hand.

    I thought to myself: "Why even bother with these, oh mighty G.B.?"

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours


    The WTBTS has changed almost 100% from the time you were in. If you attend a meeting lately, you would swear is some other religion.

    Their lit is artsy, and they are into video/cinema production big time these days.

    Their huge no blood doctrine has changed to the point that is almost non-existent with this blood fraction use and use of a machine that re-uses one's own blood, etc.

    A totally different bird these days!!!


  • LV101

    Doubtfully - if their nazi blood doctrine has changed why are witnesses still dying because of refusing transfusions. Maybe these witnesses are the brainwashed die-hards and it's their own decision or the stupid cult hasn't blathered out Jah's latest wishes to them. I certainly hope the stupid cult has softened and let people live -- they must be really scared about lawsuits.

    snuggle - I think the good ole boys are just playing with your "Rich Customer." In their skulls they have something more than he has (even though imagined!) and he has to pay his dues to be a member of their cult. Probably getting lots of moolah/donations out of him in the interim. Bummer he doesn't have this site for knowledge then he could be a participant in their game -- he must have family inside. Too bad you can't slip in a little text message and let him know it's a website of witnesses -- not a lie!

  • snugglebunny

    Ha! Just been back to see Dave to do another little job. He and his wife were sat around their kitchen table along with the local pastor from the Baptist church. Looks as though the dubs have lost him. Mind you, he is the most boring man you could ever wish to meet - maybe that's why he couldn't get reinstated.

  • Mozzie

    Men running the show in the org, thats all it is

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