TWMC - The Report

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  • RolRod

    Anyone remembers a group of JW's working outside of the JWs called TWMC (Two Witnesses Must Come). They had a presence on the Net in the 1990s, using various forums. They published THE REPORT. Apparently they believed they were of the anointed and had much to say about the Society's leadership and their beliefs. They just seemed to disappear. Anyways I found my copy of THE REPORT, published out of Brandon, FL in 1994. Was wondering if anyone had any further info on them?



  • Diogenesister

    Interesting. Never heard of them. What does this report say? Watchtower always denied break off groups but they very much existed.

  • zachias

    report please.

    In my earlier days I was disturbed on hearing that the gb never got all the anointed together to discuss 'stuff'.

    Whether they we to tight to pay the air fares or were too scared of being shown up in some way is any-ones guess.

  • WingCommander

    Probably another group of nutters. Sounds like something Rick Fearon would put out, honestly.

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