Why has 2003 seen so much death?

by TresHappy 12 Replies latest jw experiences

  • TresHappy

    I went to my boss's funeral yesterday. As funerals go, it was one of the nicest services I have witnessed. It was in such stark contrast to grandmother's long-winded JW funeral in May. As my cousin said "I'd thought I'd been abducted by aliens." That still cracks me up...

  • Navigator

    Is more death happening or are we just noticing it more? I've wondered myself. Some mystics say that we all give consent to our own death, we just select different methods. For some, I suspect it is a way of dealing with insurmountable problems. I've known people who didn't have the courage to end a unhappy marriage, so they died. Retired military who can't make the adjustment to civilian life have unusally high death rates at early ages. Men especially have high death rates after retirement. I knew a lady who didn't want to live on after her beloved spouse passed on so she willed her own death. It wasn't formal suicide as that was against her religion. Her physician saw it coming. When she checked herself into the hospital I asked him what the problem was. He said that there wasn't any physical problem but opined that she would be dead in three weeks. It turned out to be two weeks. It has been shown that major trauma in one's life such as divorce, loss of a spouse, loss of a job, etc., lowers the immune system and allows disease to get a foothold in the body. My father lost his wife, his mother, his brother and his job all in the space of 10 months. I still don't know how he was able to survive that.

  • tinkerbell82

    last weekend i was watching the news and there was a piece about a friend of mine that i used to live next door to and go to school with whom i'd since lost contact with....poor guy died of heart failure at 21....it was a weird way to find out. seems like a lot of people have died this year

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