"May I have a copy of the 'Child-safegaurding policy' letter please?"

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  • stuckinarut2

    So as we all know, the Australian Royal Commission has it on record that a "Child Safegaurding Policy" document was produced hurriedly at the tail end of the Australian Royal Commission.

    The Commission was told by the Society representatives that this would be "freely available to all congregants and interested people".

    The commission quizzed the brothers as to whether it would "be freely handed out, or simply handed to those who requested it"

    Either way, it was to be FREELY AVAILABLE.

    So imagine the surprise of one our fellow faders who attended a KH yesterday to ask for a copy!

    She politely and respectfully asked the brother at the door for a copy. He knew nothing about it, so called another Elder over. He then called yet another Elder, and yet another! She was surrounded by three Elders who quizzed her (interrogated) about why she wanted it, what it even was, etc.. They replied that they would have to "ask the branch about it".

    45 Mins later (while the meeting was proceeding), she left with no document, no help from the clueless Elders, and proof that the clear directions from the Australian Royal Commission has been ignored by the Society!

  • sparrowdown

    In JWspeak "freely available" = "we'll call the branch and get back to you...maybe...after the meeting... if we can be bothered...you're probably an apostate...you're not entitled...bugger off"

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    By simply approaching your congregational elders for a copy of this document, you instantly "out" yourself as someone who watched the commission and knows too much about the Society. You instantly raise a red flag over your head for the elders to clearly see and hone in on. Puts the sincere congregation member at high risk for suspected apostasy :(.

  • millie210

    They should put it on the JW website so it can be "freely" downloaded.

    Like a lot of their literature.

  • stuckinarut2

    Exactly Millie!

    That is so true!

    If they really want to demonstrate that they are a "loving" and "honest" organization, they would be PROACTIVE and freely distribute this letter! They would NOT have needed "Satan's" worldly judicial system to force them to act in the interests of child safety!

  • jwleaks

    stuckinarut2, can you identify the state? Thanks

  • zeb

    I have read this 'statement'. Its a cobbled together series of wt quotes and pages do not follow in sequence. It has no signature at the bottom not the common seal of the wt corp.

    It will impress only the poor souls who are ignorant of how a policy should be structured and look.

    Knowing how the jw mind works anyone asking for this 'policy' will be immediately marked as some one who has a unhealthy interest in children or an apostate.

    "Where did you hear about this policy"

    "At the ARC"


    "The Royal Commission in to child abuse"

    "Oh I see." .....

  • smiddy3

    The Commission was told by the Society representatives that this would be "freely available to all congregants and interested people".

    It would be an interesting exercise if as many as possible Australians went to a KH even posing as a family member of someone who had a JW relative and requested a "Child safeguarding policy"

    Even going to an out of town KH where nobody knew you just to see what sort of response you would get and forwarding that on to the Australian Royal Commission .

    Of course to appear genuine you would have to attend a public talk and wt study I`m seriously considering this.

    What do you think ?

  • Wakanda

    Go for it Smiddy. Do you have any calming herbs you can take before the meeting? I know need them when I'm forced to go for family. Is the ARC still taking reports? I hope so.

    BTW, I could not believe this. I should have, but their heartlessness still surprises me. We were indoctrinated to think our WT overloads overlords were as honest as we were. Nope, just training little sheep to do their bidding.

  • stuckinarut2

    @jwleaks , this took place in a congregation in NSW (Sydney)

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