anyone in the Maine, area?

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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Over on FREEMINDS Randy has a page about Danny Haszard. he's in Maine.

  • mouthy

    What about Mona Clarke

  • jwbot

    ooo casper sounds familiar.

    ok thats all I got :)

    My family is the Lacey clan, that sounds familiar to anyone?

  • NeonMadman

    Well, he doesn't post here that often, but DocBob is from the Kittery area.

    And I have a brother-in-law who lives in Machias, but he's never been a JW.

    Guess that doesn't help much, huh?

  • talesin

    I have a cousin (Belinda) who is ex-JW who lives in Sugarloaf - not sure if it's ME or VT (please excuse my Canuck ignorance).

    Also, I had (close) JW friends here by the name of Lacey (in the 70's). Some lived in Nova Scotia, some in Nfld. Then some moved to BC. I think originally from Missouri (?). Haven't seem them since late 70's, though, when I left the Borg. If that sounds like yr clan, PM me and I can let you know the names.


  • Valis

    Any of you Mainiacs know where Vinalhaven is? My roommate is from there....he also owns Potato Island if any of you know where that is....


    District Overbeer

  • jwbot

    Sugarloaf is in Maine, its a very popular ski spot.

    Also, that Lacey clan wouldn't be mine, we are originally from Massechusettes, and have only been in Maine from the early 80's on.

  • talesin

    Yes, I knew it was quite famous, she works at one of the resorts. I saw her when she came 'home' to NS when her mom was quite ill a couple of years ago. I'll see if I can get her e-mail addy and will get in touch with her. If she's interested in having an e-mail buddy close to home, I will PM you her addy. I know how you feel - it would be nice to have someone in my area to chat with sometimes.


  • DocBob

    Hi Jwbot. Welcome.

    I'm from Kittery. I remember the Caspers. Henry was our CO back in the late 80's. His brother was at one of the KM schools I went to. He wore a sign on him that said "I'm not Henry."

    My wife and I were up your way a couple weeks ago. We spent a few glorious days canoe camping up at Lobster Lake, over near Northeast Carry (northeast end of Moosehead Lake).

    Bob ( )

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