Review of Awake Magazine: Philosophy 101: How to Construct a Logical Syllogism

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  • BluesBrother

    "For this reason, if one cares about truth, and if one uses reason, logic, and evidence to get to true conclusions, this is not a reliable pathway to truth"

    Reason, logic, evidence? I think that disappeared from the WT handbook for the Writing Department a long time ago. Older dubs I know, will treasure the old books because they were written in a way that developed the arguments properly. Even if the conclusions were amiss, they read a lot better.

    NB . I loved your explanation of logical argument.

  • steve2

    Thanks stuckinarut2. A thoughtful read! 👏👏👏👏👏

  • waton

    Bertrand Russell sumed up religious belief with his teapot:

    jl: It is telling that Russell (not the wt thinker), would pitch the analogy of a teapot at 1.3 AU against the possibility of a creator, that little ~.6 AU space for the perhaps 50 billion lightyears extent of the universe. (and the creator would be beyond that).

    Oddly enough there would be a theoretical opening at 1.3 AU orbit for a body, the way there is a 30 AU exception opening for Neptune in the Bode scheme of doubling planetary spacings. Russell's ruse? anyway,

    talking of argumentation,

    Belittling the grandeur of the Creation is not bolstering the strength of a "the universe created itself " argument .

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    When one considers the magazine itself, plus the age and predisposition of the readership and the age and background of the writer who writes these articles, is it any wonder that tend to be for uneducated readers? These writers are most likely younger folk who for whatever reason decided not to follow a path to higher education. Their target audience is young, much like themselves, and they most likely also will not be following a path to higher education. They already believe the Bible is the word of God or they wouldn't be reading it.

  • waton

    Bertrand Russell's Teapot orbit as an Syllogism.

    All inner solar Planet orbits are spaced ~.3 AU apart ( Mercury .4; Venus .7; Earth 1.0 )

    The next orbit possible for my invisible teapot is .3 AU further out, therefore at 1.3 AU (halfway to Mars ~1.6 ) therefore:

    My undetectable china teapot is an inner solar planet.

    Beware of any wt invisible heavenly claims. If Bertrand can do it, Charles T can. (the tea can).

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