Rayzorblade's going to be an UNCLE

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    WOOHOO! wouldn't matter whether it'd be a boy or a girl, but I just found out that my brother's wife's ultrasound results show that the baby is: F-I-N-E and....

    It's a boy!

    Rayzorblade does the happy dance

  • reboot

    This is turning into a congratulations day all round!!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! thats womderful!!!!

    Uncle Rayzorwe want photos...can you scan the scan for us??

  • Sassy

    How cool Rayzorblade! I know you will be a good uncle.. don't spoil the kid too much..

    oh hell.. spoil the kid all you want!

    I am honorary auntie to SimpleSally's little girl.. and I love to spoil her.. she is the truest real joy in life for me..

    I know you are just going to love being uncle!! Congrats!!


  • Beans

    Awesome man! My sister hads a son and he is my pride and joy! He really looks up to me and always emulates me in every way, I have a shark necklace and when he saw it he had to have one too! The good thing is down the road I know we will get closer as he grows older and will trust me very much and perhaps I can help him escape the Tower as he is already brainwashed!



    Well, what a supremely superb surprise to receive this in my inbox tonight. My younger brother Richard's wife, Holly is having a baby, and of course, as I have stated previously, it's a boy .

    Aside from the fact it was my brother's 38th birthday, he sent along the ultrasound picture.

    I'm almost beside myself, as this little boy, will be our first nephew.

    He will be indeed, a very cherished and appreciated little boy, and we'll give him tons of love and attention. Another good thing, my brother is moving to Toronto, so I will be in close contact with my brother and his wife, as well as their little boy: my nephew.

    I can hardly wait: April 2004.

    Here is his picture (ultrasound), not the best profile mind you.....but he's in there, and I think you can see the identifying feature. It seems that there'll never be enough boys in my family. LOL

    Rayzorblade beaming with pride!!!!!

  • morty

    CONGRATS RAY........

    I have just become a Aunt myself...My sister just delivered my first nephew as well..( 2 weeks ago) WHat a feelin...

    He will be one spoiled and loved little boy.....You are so lucky to have him close to you, to see and show him love....again CONGRATS....


  • nilfun

    Great news, Rayzorblade! Congratulations


    My nephew: Fionn Fergus, has finally arrived, born April 4, 2004 in Kingston, Ontario.

    A few folks have e-mailed me etc., and well here is the link to the page if anyone is interested in seeing pictures of my baby nephew (our first in the family; no neices).

    No need to reply to this, just enjoy the view.


  • Scully

    Hey Uncle Rayzorblade!

    What a lovely baby boy! Congratulations to the whole family!

    Love, Scully

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Isn't that the most beautiful thing you've ever seen - just magic if you ask me

    Congrats to Uncle Ray and the family

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