When can I let my guard down?

by hybridous 22 Replies latest jw experiences

  • pale.emperor

    When can I let my guard down?


    JW`s are sneaky, under handed and deceitful, especially JW Relatives..

    They won`t stop....Ever..

    Outlaw is right. Teach your child to question and research everything. I make a point of not telling my child about Santa or the Tooth Fairy because if she asks me about angels/God/Satan etc i tell her they're just stories that your mums family believe.

  • Rainbow_Troll

    I don't think age is really relevant, but critical thinking skills and knowledge are. I wouldn't deny my children religious knowledge. I think the more educated someone is concerning the world's religions, the less likely they are to be taken in my any one of them. The more you know, the less you believe.

  • Rhets001

    I'd say it depends on your kid. Always still have a talk with them before they are around the relatives. My sister's daughter spent 3 weeks with my elder father and mother and came home talking about how she wants to study the bible together. My sister at first was pissed, but then she just told my 9 year old niece that if she studies she doesn't get to celebrate Christmas and her birthday. That pretty much sealed the deal for her on never taking about being a jw again lol. However not all kids would react that way. So yeah, depends on each child.

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