WBTS goes to Court of Appeal (Charity Commission investigation)

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  • freddo
    So when is a verdict expected? Days? Weeks? Months? How does it work?
  • Mephis

    Basically, 3 senior judges (think Master of Rolls is on this case - ie the most senior civil judge in England) decide whether or not a High Court Judge was wrong to tell WBTS that they should appeal to a Tribunal not to court.

    They can decide he was, and then WBTS can appeal in court against being investigated. Or they can decide he was absolutely right and the Tribunal decision stands so would WBTS now get on with co-operating with the investigation. Or they can decide he was right, but WBTS can still appeal against being investigated.

    Charity Commission's argument is that the Tribunal is the defined way to challenge investigations, and to allow every charity to run to court to prevent an investigation would only benefit those with big wallets.

    Surprised it wasn't sorted today, but shouldn't take long. Days or weeks at most.

  • elderINewton

    Seriously why would they fight this?

    if they were upstanding and didn't care about the publicity, then why? I'm not too sure on the legal side in the UK relative to damages, so I'm in the dark.

    Just looking for reasons that might not be obvious..

  • Mephis

    If one were being very charitable, one could point to their confusion around religious freedom. They seem to think that they are only accountable to God for their actions. Anything which sounds like it may interfere with their 'religious freedoms' sends them scurrying to court. But even in the US, there are limits. And they've already had the law explained to them at a Tribunal by a judge here in Britain. So they'll call it a fight for religious freedom, and everyone else will wonder what kind of religion wants freedom from effective child safeguarding policies.

  • talesin

    "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

    This does not look good on the WTS - those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing. xx tal


    Geoffrey Jackson/GB/Future Co-Ruler of the Universe: "Your Honor, we will gladly comply with all mandatory reporting laws."

    WTBTS Legal: "We will spend untold amounts of donations to fight any and all laws that support mandatory reporting of any kind."


  • Tenacious

    What's the matter with all of you!!

    I'm completely disgusted with this thread!

    How can you ask God to answer a human court?

    Don't you know that God, I mean the GB, has appointed these men to oversee the molesting of kids WITHOUT human court interference?

    How dare you comment on such an arrangement!

    *please note my sarcasm

  • smiddy

    Legalisms , Appeals , Loopholes , Etc.,Etc, Do not expect any decision anytime soon , this could drag on for months if not years .

    Don`t hold your breath for anything like Justice soon .


  • Driving Force
    Driving Force

    "Seriously why would they fight this?"

    Look what happened with the Royal Commission in Australia. Most of Europe are not really concerned with Australia, but the UK is a different matter. Any s*** hitting the fan in the UK is going to make the other European countries take a serious look at things, and the bOrg knows that.

    That is why they are fighting this, in my opinion.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Question: I seem to remember a Kingdom song that said, "we must watch how we talk,

    watch how we walk" something like that. True????

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