Raising a teenager outside of “the truth”

by StephaneLaliberte 10 Replies latest jw experiences

  • menrov

    Raising children can be a challenge for many parents. Humans are individuals and what works on one child does not mean it works the same way on the other. In most religion, there is no room for individual personalities. So, religion will work fine for some, but not for others.

    If we split the bible from religion, I can see there are some valuable suggestions in the bible. As there are valuable suggestions in other books outside the bible.

    My view is: if in the end the outcome is not (exactly) what you hoped for but you did all you could, you will find peace with it. But if the outcome is not (exactly) what you hoped for, but most of the input into the upbringing came from other sources than yourself, you would feel a lot worse.

    Like in everything, everyone should control his/her own life and avoid (or limit) elements that want to control your life.

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