question of the day if Jesus on earth today and assuming he was a jw

by poopie 15 Replies latest jw friends

  • poopie

    would he be disfelowshipped for talking to Df persons?

  • waton

    he would be disfellowshipped for speaking against God's appointed channel. within 3 1/2 years. Hopefully he would go against WT policy and volunteer, cooperate with "the world" to undergo tests to establish what a perfect human would be like, genetically, etc.

    Resist photo ops with minors, and refrain from comment, like " let the children come--"

  • zeb

    in a heartbeat!


    Inane !

    Provided he suffered from gout, was gay and listened to Led Zeppelin ~

    He was put to death for Apostasy !

    Please find a good hobby !

  • waton

    He would not be considered an example for the young brothers, hounded to be immersed at 9, because HE entered the service, delayed his dedication and baptism to his 30's year, although being able to call on all resources in the Universe, he gave only 10% of his life time.

    Wow! must have been good to be perfect and free! 90% of your time!

  • zeb

    and he was also a trained carpenter...

  • tiki

    The modern day version of cleaning the temple of the money makers comes to mind....

  • punkofnice

    I don't believe the Bible type version of Jesus existed in real life, no more than St George slew a dragon. However, I'll play.

    Assuming he was a JW. To assume makes an ASS out of U and ME.

    He wouldn't touch the jobos or any other loony religion with a disinfected barge pole.

    They would hate him as much as the government would. He'd have been shot by now.

  • pale.emperor

    Jesus committed the following JW faux pas'

    Questioning the leaders of the religion he was born into

    Calling those leaders "vipers", "sons of the devil" and "Hypocrites"

    He had a beard

    He didn't wear a suit

    He got kissed by a man in a garden at night

    He stepped in to save a prostitute from judgement of the religious leaders

    He spoke to a woman at a well in a secluded area alone with no chaperone

    Jesus would be called to JC, and if he didnt turn up would be DF'd in abstencia

  • waton
    He spoke to a woman at a well in a secluded area alone with no chaperone,

    a worldly lady, and then, abandoning his special pioneer partners, moved in with her (in-to her city) for 1 1/2 days, possibly 2 nights.

    and he was also a trained carpenter...Zep:

    now, the lowest paid of all the trades. moronic for a perfect human. strange, he never used one of the many situations in that skill in his teaching. Woodworking, powered only by arm & hand, it is agony not only long ago.

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