GB and being famous

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  • Vidiot

    When the leadership of any regime insists that they have to be obeyed without question, plasters their names and faces on everything they greenlight, and have their own fucking TV show... you really need to ask?

  • sparrowdown

    Nothing more pathetic than fools who think they are grand except maybe the minions that obey them.

  • Searril

    I'm sure a village is missing its idiot when Lett was made a GB member, WTF were they thinking!

    I'll be honest. I am so glad that Lett and Morris are on the Governing Body (have to capitalize it because they're super important). People seeing those two guys removes all doubt about whether this could possibly be "the one true religion."

  • redvip2000
    Hey, maybe this (revealing themselves to the public and being in the public eye) is a good thing:

    I'm thinking it's not. When I was an active JW, there was this veil of mystery with the GB. Not knowing too much about them actually made us admire them, made us think they had some mysterious ability to communicate with God, it made us believe these men were exceptional.

    The more you see them and know about them, the more you realize they are nothing special at all. They are just old men, who are flawed, perhaps even strange. When you listen to them, you pick up on flawed reasoning.

    Remember that familiarity breeds contempt and this is no different.

  • blownaway

    I think this will backfire and is backfiring on them. I heard one recording where Tony tight pants was followed as he walked on the street and had to dash into a door to get away. 20 years ago no one knew but a few of the rank and file who the GB was and not many photos were around. Now they are known and can be chased around as they walk out and about. I see the cult in terminal decline. I don't see it gone in a few years but who knows I thought Germany would take several years and bam all over.

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