Another example of the smothering and high control nature of JW husbands

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  • stuckinarut2

    I have noticed another popular pattern of behaviour amongst witnesses in recent years.

    Many, and I mean LOTS of ones with Instagram accounts have closed the wife's account, and have started a "couple's" account instead. Also, for families. The children's accounts have been closed, and the husband starts a "family account".

    It is mainly on the husband's device, and seemingly under his control. (as to what gets posted, and who they follow etc)

    It just smacks of the high control nature that the Society encourages! These women and teenagers CAN NOT have their own accounts, but must "subject themselves" under their husbands control??

    If that doesn't smack of CONTROL and scream "cult", then nothing does...

    Or, am I reading more into this?


  • _Morpheus

    Yes that does smack of control but ive seen the pendulum swing both way in lots of matters. In almost all relationships on party is dominate and exerts control. A relationship of perfect balance is nearly unheard of...

  • SAHS

    Another fine example of the “headship principle” so passionately embraced by the WT leadership.

    (Yes, pass the puke bucket!) 🤢

  • Crazyguy

    Yeah well I should of used my headship card and stopped the elders from talking to my wife when I started waking up. Maybe then I could of been physically in but mentally out and doing a better job of waking up my family. Instead I was a nice guy got kicked to the curb by the wife so to speak and now feel like an outcast while the wife and family are all active JWs.

    Some times one should use their stupid rules to your advantage.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Witness or not, I would want to know what my kids are doing on social media, especially if they are preteens. So I guess I'm not so critical of that aspect.

  • moreconfusedthanever

    I haven't seen anything like that amongst the jw i know. I have a teenager and I have all passwords and access. That is the condition to them having social media accounts.

  • stillin

    My wife ran off to be with a man that she met on the internet. Eventually we reconciled. I have no qualms about her privacy or what she is doing with her device. If she does it again we will not reconcile and I made a mistake in not following through with a divorce the first time.

    Controlling her isn't the key to lasting happiness. Love is. Sadly, we are coming up short on love, but I'm just not the bossy kind. She is, but I'm not.

  • tiki

    Really?? I can see and totally agree with monitoring kid's social media interactions....but your adult wife...that reeks of a weak cowardly man...with little respect for his wife's individuality and privacy.

  • HereIgo

    Yes I have seen this type of behavior from JW husbands, sharing social media accounts, email accounts etc. I have also seen it in a couple where someone cheated and there is a trust/insecurity issue.

  • nonjwspouse

    With social media, it's a difficult animal with regards to kids. The wife , now that goes too far. The kids, absolutely. Plus, Moreconfusedthanever, I too insist on all usernames and passwords. Guess what. They open new ones. I have an advantage of lots of older siblings and cousins for my 12 year old. She has lots of social media "eyeballs" on her. I just found out about several added Instagram accounts. I took her iPod privileges for a while and demanded a list, with her closing all but one Instagram. I check up once in a while on her accounts. But it really isn't enough.

    I am SO GLAD I have those adult sibling and cousins eyes on her in the social media world that will report back to me.

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