Extra-Ordinary Meetings taking place at Kingdom Halls at this hour....???

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    Only Feedback my missus got from her sister was : "He was very humorous " ..........................No "spiritual" sharing from her!

  • Vidqun

    From a reliable source: First talk was the WatchTower discussion with children. Second talk was about personal testimonies. A person was in jail, and now he's a good JW - type of thing, examples from every-day life. Third talk would have been interesting to listen to. The English brother went into detail about the different forms of leprosy. The leprous man told Jesus: "If you want to, you can heal me." And Jesus said: "I want to." Not sure about the connection, but he then started discussing the GB. Sounds to me he was comparing the work of the GB with that of Jesus. Not sure about that though. Are the GB having an identity crisis? The more it they mention themselves and their role, the more it must be true. Overall it would have been a most "happifying" occasion.

  • Vidiot

    @ Vidqun...

    Let's be honest.

    The GB comparing themselves to Jesus was inevitable.


  • menrov

    probably the best ever

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