Songs that have a JW meaning?

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  • GrownMidget

    Do you have any songs that you have listened and then thought that it also works from an apostate point of view?
    I have always liked this song, but one time realized that I was thinking how it sounds awfully familiar, if you think about those who have lost family/friends due to leaving.

    This song was originally made/written because one of the actors died in a car accident. Movie was still being filmed and many spots he was needed were never finished with him.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    Losing My Religion.
  • _Morpheus
  • Clambake

    I remember back in the 90s watching the video to “You get what you give “ by the New Radicals and thinking how gay. Kids at a mall releasing pets from a pet store and throwing nets on people and what makes it worse is they totally think they are bad-ass when doing it.

    Then I learned the band leader Gregg Alexander was raised as JW. Yeah to a JW that would seem totally bad ass.

    It wasn’t till years later I that found “ Maybe you have been brainwashed too “ by the New Radicals in a pawn shop for a dollar. It was a really great disc. I started to research the New radicals and Gregg Alexander . It actually was on most critics best discs of the 90s lists.

    Funny thing is he just stopped being famous all on his own. I asked around the fan boards if he was disfellowshipped, even baptised , shunned and all I would get “ what difference does it make blah blah blah. So stupid, no one understands. I guess he does work as a producer though.

    I would love to know the whole story.

    Anywho, you get what you give by the New Radicals is my JW song.

    Also……..My darkest hour by Megadeth I always though was about getting disfellowed.

  • ctrwtf

    Rush Subdivisions

    Growing up it all seems so one sided

    Opinions are provided

    The future pre-decided

    Detached and subdivided

    Nowhere is the dreamer or the misfit so alone

    Conform or be cast out.......

  • JW_Rogue

    The Grudge - TOOL

    If I Were - Nothing More

    Terrible Lie - NIN

    Dead Inside - Muse

  • 3rdgen

    Weird Al Yankovic's Amish Paradise

    We been wasting most our lives

    living in an Amish paradise.


    but you prob'ly think it bites

    living in an Amish paradise.

  • Dunedain

    Unforgiven, by Metallica is about DF'ing.

    "New blood joins this earth, and quickly its subdued, thru constant pained disgrace, the young boy learns their rules"

  • ihunt

    Lauryn Hill - Mystery of Iniquity.

  • bemused
    My Generation by The Who is pretty clear that a generation covers only people born in a short period of time (and certainly doesn't overlap). Furthermore the song contains the line 'Why don't you all fade away?', which is an excellent question for JWs to consider.

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