Elderly ex JW calls Bethel for answers

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  • Listener

    There's an interesting Youtube where an Elderly ex JW, John Newsome calls the Watchtower with a number of problems he wanted to discuss. He told the Elder that he wanted to discuss the UN scandal, child molestation, failed dates and Ray Franz. The call goes for over half an hour and is very exposing.

    The Bethel Elder says he doesn't want to discuss the issues in detail because it would take too long and proceeds to tell him that John needs to look at all of their righteous works. He also points out that we don't have the whole picture.

    Basically it all comes down to the fact that since the GB are not infallible and imperfect, they don't need to explain anything about their wrongdoings. Because God has appointed them as the FDS to take the lead a JW must accept that otherwise having a lack of faith/trust in them is having a lack of faith in Jehovah.


  • Diogenesister

    The elder gives Mathew 18.

    The scripture that talks about John neither eating or drinking - and being criticized for it, then Jesus who did eat and drink, together with tax collectors - yet he too was criticized for that.

    Ok.Fine scripture. And it would be pertinent, if you found out something you didn't like about your church IF YOUR CHURCH FORGAVE OTHERS WHO LIKEWISE STUMBLED.

    But no, Watchtower shuns anyone who puts one foot in the wrong direction, so that scripture is completely irrelevant to Phariseeical Watchtower.

    Their works are bad.

    As to neutrality YES the brothers take a stand , but Watchtower does not (Mexico, flags in Chile,Rutherfords letter to Hitler ) but throw Their lambs to the wolves.

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