Every time I see one of them loving their kids, I think....

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  • jambon1

    Every time I see photos of new JW parents cuddling up to their new babies.

    Every time I see people giving the parents new baby cards & gifts.

    Every time I see them having fun with their children.

    I think to myself; 'you would shun your kids'

    If they don't end up being JW's. If they simply publicly declare that they don't believe. If they change their minds once time passes and they change their minds like we have all changed our minds about different things.

    They'd cut them out of their lives.

    Jehovahs Witnesses are the only people alive who have children and say "I love you, but if you don't do this, that, or the other, I won't"


  • smiddy

    It is hard to understand isn`t it.

    A people who claim to believe in a God of Love , yet fail to follow through with it themselves in practice with their own offspring , their own flesh and blood.

    Jehovah`s Witness parents who disown their own children simply because they no longer want to be under the dictates of the Governing Body

    fit the description in Rom.1:31 " THEY HAVE NO NATURAL AFFECTION "

    They need to have a good look in the mirror and ask themselves ,

    What have I become to act this way against my own child.

  • zeb

    and not for anything the kids have done to the parents but all it takes is for the kids to reject the flip/flop teachings of the old men in NY and their blinking on again/off again 'new 'light.

  • 2+2=5

    Your parents love is conditional as a JW child. You must distribute WT literature.

    It's a sweet deal.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    some may think all this shunning is rare--or at least uncommon.

    consider this--

    i now know very few dubs--having been free of it all well over 40 years.


    my pioneer partner from back in the 60's---now shuns his own daughter---to the point of ignoring her in the street

    another--a guy who i was best man to at his jw wedding--and remained close friends for years after----shuns his own daughter--to the point she moved away--from the UK to Australia.

    my first wife--a born in--shuns our older son--now 40---and so hasnt even held his son born last year.

    shunning is a far bigger issue now than the blood business--it affects far more families. it should receive far more publicity.

  • pale.emperor

    I hear ya.

    Although im happier being out i still have pangs of sadness every now and then throughout the day thinking of my family. They all genuinely believe that im deliberately going against Jehovah. When in actual fact i've tried to tell them that i respect that they believe it but i simply dont.

    They would be happy for me to pretend to be a JW and work on my beliefs later. It's so bizarre.

    And what i find most annoying is - you look at all the WT or dramas they put out... they show the disfellowshipped person as the one being headstrong and prideful walking out the door with his bags or standing there arms folded and the parents sitting there crying and comforting one another. In my case, at least, its the opposite. No one wanted to hear my reasons for leaving or what lead to me coming to my decision. I wanted to leave so that was all they needed to hear.

  • pbrow

    I will make the wild assumption that they still love their children. Unfortunately, they have made something else more important in their lives, namely their love for their own personal god who they think demands them to shun unbelieving children. The saying "if their is no god than anything is permissible" should really be 'if you believe in god anything is permissible"

    This is certainly not an excuse for unloving behavior. I hate hearing the stories of what we all have had to go through as ex dubs. It is only when we truly understand why people act they way they do that we can make meaningful attempts to help correct their step.


  • sir82

    and not for anything the kids have done to the parents but all it takes is for the kids to reject the flip/flop teachings of the old men in NY and their blinking on again/off again 'new 'light.

    Or, even if the kids are just kids, and make poor decisions (as kids often do), and end up on drugs or pregnant or whatnot. Rather than help their own kids right at the precise moment they need it most, they cast them off and leave them to fend for themselves "in the world".

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    As a collective you are right " jambon1" but in my experience and put to the test, this is not always the case, ( it was I am pleased to say a wake up call for many I knew) and personally I don't blame a cult for " shunning" a sibling, I blame the parent. We can't blame a cult for shunning our child, and I am no advocate of the cult.

  • Truthexplorer

    It's deeply saddening that the hard core JW's will follow this Policy to the letter. After all it comes from Gods representatives here on earth (aka Morris & Co).

    The 'Good News' is that the charity commission here in the UK are very much aware of it. It will be interesting to see what transpires!

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