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    Simon, I have to also hand it to another one of our 'newest' members, who has not only been instrumental at keeping ol' Rayzorblade on-line, but helping me, as well as a few others in-the-know when it comes to computer wizardry.

    If you haven't met iiz2cool, trust me, he's an excellent person, and great to be around.

    Walter: Thanks for your kind and generous assistance with my computer (others too...you know who you are) and assisting me with getting on to the new server.

    Best wishes, and I owe you: ANOTHER BEER (when will it end? ).

    Thanks iiz2cool, you do make a big difference here on this forum.

    Folks, if you aren't familiar with him, if you see any of his posts, give it a browse.

  • StinkyPantz


    New, welcome!!


    Well if you like iiz2cool, then he's okay in my book too!

  • iiz2cool

    Hey, thanks Rayzorblade!

    Heh heh! You know my appetite for beer is almost insatiable!


  • onacruse


    You know my appetite for beer is almost insatiable!

    Do we have a Canuck Overbeer? If not, then perhaps a nomination is in order?



    Do we have a Canadian Overbeer? I think so.

    But we seldom see him.

    Why not nominate another; seems in order.

    What do you all say? iiz2cool as Canadian Overbeer .

  • onacruse

    RayZ, will Valis have to give his imprimatur?


    Onacruse: yes, Valis does have final say in these matters.

    We must consult with him.

    Then the announcement can be made, either by him, or he can make that appointment also.

    Stay tuned.

  • pettygrudger

    Walter gets my nomination for Canadian Overbeer any day (especially if he brings me a case of the REAL CANADIAN Labatts when he comes down at the end of the month!) Actually, if Ray brings me a case as well, heck, I nominate them both as Dual Canadian Overbeers (its a big country - plenty to go around for the both of um!

    But you're right Ray - Walter is definitely a sweetheart!


    Pettygrudger: but of course, how could we not cross the river and not bring our American friends what probably caused Prohibition in the first place.

    I've left a msg. with Valis, as he has special appointment duties on here, and he has final say.

    So.....send Valis a PM, if you'd like to nominate another Canadian Overbeer.

    I think iiz2cool, should get it. This moderator stuff is tough enough. Let Walter look after the beer aspect of the forum.

    But when we get over there, you and your family/friends will be swimming in Canadian ales/lagers.

  • pettygrudger

    <licks & smacks lips> I can taste it now...

    And, are there any American dishes that we could offer you as well? Our beer sucks, so food will have to do!

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