Real reasons why rbc was disolved?

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  • poopie

    Any ideas?

  • DesirousOfChange

    When they announced their new building program we're all new kingdom hall's or to be built along the style of commercial strip malls, I believe they saw the need to get rid of the amateur construction workers and concentrate on using only those who were qualified and experienced in their specific construction trades.

    Of course it appears that as soon as they rolled out their new building arrangement with all their fanfare someone informed them that they were broke and it was almost immediately discontinued.

  • jp1692

    Whatever the reasons, it sure was a whole lotta noise followed by a whole lotta nothing.

    Something's up, that's for sure!

  • waton

    Control and money.

  • ttdtt


    Because there was such a GIANT need for many many many Kingdom Halls to be built ASAP!


  • LV101

    Was this a scheme to grab as much money from the JWs (since it seems to be difficult for JWs to contribute) making them feel the growth was huge and JWs were being blessed. Was this before the cult swept in and took the congregations savings?

  • OneGenTwoGroups

    LDC programs that were already in place in other countries. They work much better. Trying to build multimillion dollar buildings on the evenings and weekends just doesn't work very well. The full time, during the week LDC folks make things 10 times smoother.

    No conspiracy theories about money/power grabs needed.

  • LV101

    OneGen - ? sorry, don't understand your 2nd paragraph

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    Humongous waste and corruption at the local RBC levels. Locals would always choose other JW contractors as a source of materials, even though they have agreements nationwide with suppliers, some figured it out fast and would charge extra.

    Then there was the issue of having non-professionals do the work, immense amounts of waste, lost productivity. You can't have 200+ people on-site working on something and deliver good work. There were always, always changes that had to be done for months afterwards often simply being signed off by the most ignorant. I'm sure code enforcement only got stricter and sure the WTBTS being themselves a "general contractor" and "electrician" would sign off on it, but cities especially are checking more and having your wall off by a couple of inches is a huge deal.

    I remember one site had such a huge discrepancy, one poor soul had to measure and recut tiles for the bathrooms for days on end, subfloor ended up warping so he had to do it all again. And the beginning of the bathroom was ~1/2 tile difference to the end.

    QB in 3 days is ludicrous, as one observing (non-JW) contractor once told me (I did tours for them), you can't get mortar to cure in 24 hours (it takes 2 weeks) and sure enough, mortar would crack and the life of the buildings would not even reach it's 10 years before serious leaks, mold and other moisture issues came up so it's a money sink.

    Back in the day local congregations would be stuck holding the bill but more and more things got centralized and even though congregations are still supposed to pay it back, I'm guessing over the last 10 years, the locals are also racking up huge debts paying for the issues caused.

  • dothemath

    I think part of the reason is congregations were renovating fairly often (at least in this area).

    There were lots of RBC projects every year, and all the money was raised and spent locally.

    i can imagine that was a rather enticing target for headquarters, and now there are almost no projects going on.

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