Everything I once knew as a JW, is now wrong.

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  • Half banana
    Half banana

    As you say FTS, JWs are no longer knowledgeable. Dumbing down is needed because the more educated people are, the more likely to spot the logical errors which the JW religion is built on such as believing that the Bible is the infallible word of God.

    There are two new factors to be reckoned with today, the first is that the educational level of the average youngster in the first world is much higher that in the previous generation. Secondly there is the availability of information on any subject at the touch of a few computer keys. This mass of information also accounts for the proliferation of fake news and so it still requires a sceptical approach to learning to sift out the rubbish. Witnesses never use the sensible sceptical approach, they are bludgeoned into being gullible by social pressures within the religion.

    JW doctrine does not trade in facts at all just airy fairy beliefs. If one belief no longer fits what is credible, JWs claim new (and presumably divine) light and concoct something which more people will believe more easily. The most pathetic and laughable new light was that when Jesus said "generation" he actually meant "overlapping generations"!

    By the way don't you think that this particular "new light" must be the marker for the beginning of the end of the JW religion?

    This sort of shifting sands approach to "Truth" will eventually wear thin for the majority of JWs and they will wake up to the fact that the org has no fixed dogma, no truth, no revelation, no credibility or authority.

    The JW religion does not represent the future, they think along the lines of a past era, the nineteenth century USA Bible Belt to be precise and surely they must go the way of the dinosaur.

  • tiki

    Back in the day we were supposed to be able to defend the faith and be able to explain the doctrines...now they don't even have to know the basics...crazy

  • Finkelstein

    I think what whats more important to the JWS right now than ever before is showing loyalty to the organization, less about set doctrines.

    Showing loyalty to JWorg. is showing loyalty to Jehovah.

    Its his chosen earthy web site after all.

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