"True Story" - movie about Christian Longo

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  • Perry
    I was thinking more along the lines of how JW thinking can upset a person's psychological balance and instead...we get quotes about bibble verses. Typical. Disappointing, but...typical.

    I do not compartmentalize my thinking like I used to as a JW. The bible is on the table for me just as everything else is, now that I don't have overseers dictating what is appropriate and what is not appropriate. I am free.

    Surely the man that killed his family bought into the lie that when he died, he would not be conscious at all; and that would be the end of his misery. This is the same nonsense that atheists and materialists try to convince themselves of.

    I have quoted other sources as well for the reality that: contrary to atheists and materialists (and Jehovah's Witnesses) consciousness does in fact transcend the demise of the body. We are all powerless to change this.

    I doubt Hitler, Mao, Stalin etc. would have murdered their hundreds of millions had they believed that they would be conscious forever and would one day face judgment. Likewise, had this man believed the truth about his own construction, it is doubtful he would have murdered his family.

    Tocqueville once warned: "the natural end of Materialism is suicide, the despair of a man who knows that the pursuit of material gratification has no ultimate end and no final satisfaction".

    The conscious nature of man is viewed identically by Materialists and Jehovah's Witnesses.

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