Tesla Cyberwhistle - Are People Really This Dumb?

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  • Simon

    What if I told you that we needed a whistle? Where would you go for it?

    Probably the Dollar store. Or Walmart. Or Canadian Tire ... any store that sold sport stuff, right?

    How much would you pay? $1? $5? $10? I would feel I was being ripped off if it was anything more than $5 'cause I'm pretty sure I've had whistles out of Christmas Crackers in the past.

    Tesla is selling whistles, sorry, I mean "cyberwhistles" for 50 god-damn dollars!

    Are people really so brand obsessed that they pay waaaay more than something is worth, in the hopes that Elon will like them?

    FFS, what is wrong with people? Think of all the great things you could do with $50 ... better than blow a whistle.

    "Note: Cyberwhistles are final sale."

    Yeah, I bet they are - 'cause you'd have to be mad to give someone $50 for a whistle and Tesla doesn't want to be doing that!


  • waton

    too bad it is now bad form to whistle at/ about ladies. acknowledged by 50 dollar whistle? but I am worth it! . those were the days. prior to 1975.

  • LV101

    I think people are obsessed with Elon/Tesla and imagine they'll jump for the whistle. I'm seeing more and more Tesla autos on the road as if they're economical and for I know the new smaller versions might be. Younger guys ordering the small trucks.

  • jhine

    Yes , Simon , it seems that they are.


  • punkofnice

    It looks sh1t. Even sh1ttier at those prices.

    FFS, what is wrong with people?

    They are sheep with no imagination or method of rational thinking outside of the box.

    Was it Bowie that said the public have bad taste?

  • truth_b_known

    Found on the same aisle as pet rocks and canned moonlight.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Out of stock! " medical grade stainless "

    I suppose the willow whistle is environmentally unsound

  • pistolpete

    Are people really so brand obsessed

    Not only are they brand obsessed----they are just plain STUPID!

  • mickbobcat

    Simon I did a check on eBay because I had a hunch. Yep they are all over eBay for 159 to 500 and the 159 is just the current bid. So I would only buy to resell like I did when my local store got a bunch of the one chip challenge and sold them for 4.99. I resold them for 25 to 30 until one lady bought the whole thousand dollar lot.

    I have no issue with taking money from stupid people. Personally I would not give a dime for it, if it was for myself. I did pay 27 dollars for a vintage London Metropolitan Police whistle. Musk knows his base is a bunch of retards and is taking advantage of them.

  • mickbobcat

    This guy is asking almost 8 grand. If someone is that dumb to buy it they deserve to be separated from their money https://www.ebay.com/itm/265430284228?hash=item3dcce0b7c4:g:WygAAOSwDFVhpuHv

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