Man answers the door naked when JW's appear..

by James Mixon 34 Replies latest jw friends

  • Drearyweather

    Indecent exposure is indecent exposure no matter who's going to who's door. JW's with their kids are not the only strangers coming to our house.

    In such cases, the one exposing must be ready to get involved with the Police.

  • stillin

    "Hey! That looks like a penis, only smaller!" He wouldn't do it again.

    i was with a late-teenage brother who was the most hung-up person I had ever met. He acted and dressed like he was 60 years old and I would bet that he never got married. We knocked on a door and a blind lady answered. She was wearing a sheer nightie. Everything was available to see. I figured that she simply didn't understand about that and I proceeded with my presentation. The young brother with me was squirming and fidgety. He had been raised in the religion and when we left he tried to counsel me about placing magazines there instead of running for my life. I said that we are all naked under our clothes and he almost fell off of the deep end!

  • carla

    Here is a story I heard- a guy was home sat morn and enjoying his wife on their couch, door knock, "let's ignore it!" , knock again, again they ignore the knock by the third knock and with time between each knock the kept thinking they would go away, by the third knock the guy was seriously annoyed. Finally he opens the door naked and the jw has the nerve to say, "you shouldn't open your door naked!" The guy had to explain that if someone does not open their door they may not want to be bothered, I was in the midst of making love to my wife and you refused to leave my door! of course I'm naked!" the jw's were still highly offended and had no concept of why the homeowner was miffed about having to answer his door when after the first knock they didn't leave.

    Yes, this guy loves to tell this story and spread the good news about nosy intrusive jw's who won't take no for an answer.

    In today's day I don't understand why anybody opens their door to these people or anybody for that matter. Remember a story a number of years back, down south maybe, where some jw's were actually casing homes to rob later? yeah, yeah, they weren't 'real' jw's, give me a break, they were baptized and went all the time, they were jw's.

  • finallysomepride

    No never had a naked householder open the door

    But I did have

    a breast feeding young mother (nothing wrong there)

    a guy with a screw driving - threatening

    a guy pointing to his rifle - threatening


    visiting a house in the course of my job, I came across a 18 year old student sunbathing topless in her backyard, very fine figure.

  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who

    Why are people so irritated by someone knocking at their door? I never understand it. If someone comes to my door, I either answer or I don't. If I wouldn't want to be bothered I would put a no trespassing sign up. Personally, I enjoy messing with people coming to my door. Awhile back, a cable company came trying to get me to 'upgrade' to a better package. I told her my 'package' doesn't need upgraded, it's fine like it is. She must have had a dirty mind because she turned beet red in the face. LOL! But anyhow.....yeah, what this dude did was wrong and I hope that the police looks into this.

  • blondie

    Today I heard a knock at the door; I avoid any possible jw encounters so I ignored it. Then an insistent knock 3 times...I was in my robe and thought maybe my husband had locked himself out. I went up and here was a young man with "Truegreen" on his shirt. I opened the door and said we were not interested that my husband did it every year....."Is your husband home?" "No young man, and I'm the one who pays the bills so it is waste of time to go over my head."

    When I shut the door, it reminded me how insistent some jws can be as they ask for the husband after the wife says no. Rude, rude, rude.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    It's one thing to answer the door naked when you can reasonably expect someone to come to the door (eg. you ordered pizza or it's Halloween).

    When someone is insistingly knocking on your door (especially older JW's will keep knocking/ringing if they see/know you're home) and you're naked, it's your house, you weren't expecting them and they kept insisting.

  • darkspilver
  • carla

    Some people are actually nudists. I remember a family long ago before it was as prevalent as it may be today and they all were naked all the time if they were home. I was a kid and when we heard about this we all thought it strange, but it does happen in some families.

    Easy way to protect jw kids and adults, quit knocking on strangers doors, stop going where you haven't been invited.

  • darkspilver

    Man answers the door naked when JW's appear

    Not even waiting for them to come to the door now....

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